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Ball Mills - High Energy Ball Mill GT600 Multi/Dual

High Energy Ball Mill GT600 Multi/Dual

Feed Size:<10 mm

Final fineness:<5 µm / 100nm


The High Energy Ball Mill GT600 Multi/Dual is a versatile benchtop ball mill meticulously engineered for swift preparation of ultra-fine samples. It operates at a maximum frequency of 35Hz, delivering dependable performance and versatility. It's well-suited for dry, wet, and cryogenic grinding of numerous small-volume samples, including plant and animal tissues. With the capacity to process 6-384 biological samples simultaneously, it supports high-throughput operations. It accommodates sample volumes ranging from 0.2 ml to 50 ml.

Field of Application:
Biology, Pharmaceuticals, Food Safety, Ecological Environment, Agriculture Science, Chemistry, and Electronics.

Sample pretreatment for nucleic acid extraction, preparation of ultrafine materials.

Types of Samples:
Hard, soft, elastic, and fibrous samples.

Typical Sample Categories:
Plant roots, stems, leaves, grains, seeds, and oilseeds;

Human and animal tissues, organs, bones, and hair;

Ore, alloys, soil, glass, ceramics;

Rubber, plastic products, solid waste, electronic waste;

Paper and textiles;

Chemicals, medicines, Chinese medicinal materials, and food;

Tobacco, timber, wool, and more.

Ball Mill

Working Principle

Samples are loaded into the grinding container, which can be a stainless steel jar or a centrifuge tube/adapter. These containers undergo radial oscillations in the horizontal direction. The high-frequency oscillation causes the grinding balls to strike the sample and the inner wall of the grinding jar vigorously, leading to a reduction in sample size.

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  • Typical grinding duration: From tens of seconds to 2 hours.
  • Supports dry, wet, and cryogenic grinding and mixing.
  • High throughput: Capable of handling up to 384 samples simultaneously.
  • Programmable operation time, intermittent grinding, and method storage.
  • Features a transparent window on the top lid, allowing observation of the grinding process.
  • Ensures highly reproducible grinding results through digital parameter presetting.
  • Offers various materials and sizes of grinding jars and accessories, providing a broader range of application options.
  • Equipped with a safety lock on the top lid. The motor halts operation when the lid is opened during grinding, ensuring safety.
  • Feed Size
    <10 mm
    Final fineness
    <5 µm / 100nm (depends on the property of sample)
    Total grinding time
    No. of grinding stations
    Grinding jar sizes
    Material of grinding tools
    hardened steel, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, zirconium oxide, agate, PTFE
    Cell disruption adapter
    Batch capacity
    6 x 20ml/2x45ml
    Storable SOPs
    Editable programs
    Wet/Cryogenic grinding
    Rated power
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