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Ball Mills - High Performance Mini Planetary Ball Mill

High Performance Mini Planetary Ball Mill NM200

High Performance Mini Planetary Ball Mill NM200 is versatile and perfect for precise grinding of hard, medium-hard, and brittle materials to a final fineness of 100 nm. 

Along with dry grinding, it also offers the capability to reduce size in suspension or inert gases based on the required final fineness. Beyond crushing, the NM200 is suitable for mixing and homogenizing emulsion and paste samples, and it can be utilized for mechanical activation and alloying materials research.

High Performance Mini Planetary Ball Mill
High Performance Mini Planetary Ball Mill

Sample types: Soft, hard, brittle, fibrous
Application areas: Engineering/electronics, building materials, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, chemical synthetic materials, geology/metallurgy, environmental/resources recycling, glass/ceramics, biological, and other fields
Typical samples: Plant materials, cement slag, concrete, compost, coatings and paints, charcoal, hair, catalysts, chemicals, alloys, carbonized fibers, paper, fiber products, cellulose, seeds, clay minerals, coke, coal, glass, electronic waste, minerals, ores, limestone, iron ore, bentonite, gypsum, quartz, kaolin, bone, metal oxides, ceramics, polymers, pigments, etc.

High Performance Mini Planetary Ball Mill

Special application

In addition to the traditional mixing and grinding process, the NM200 can also fulfill the technical requirements of colloid grinding. Its high energy input is suitable for preparing mechanical alloys.

Working Principle

The grinding jar is positioned off-center on the sun wheel of the planetary ball mill. The sun wheel rotates in the opposite direction to the grinding jar at a ratio of 1:-2. The velocity difference between the ball and the grinding jar generates friction and impact forces, releasing high dynamic energies that act on the particle sample to quickly produce highly uniform and very fine particles.

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  • High reliability and repeatability
  • Ability to process two samples simultaneously
  • High safety performance
  • Lid automatically closes and cannot be opened during grinding
  • Jar balance detection ensures reliable safety protection
  • Equipped with an air cooling system to effectively reduce heat buildup inside the jar
  • High friction and energy input, suitable for preparing nanomaterials and alloying materia
  • Grinding Jar
    - Optional materials and specifications
    - Automatic positioning and locking, eliminating the need for manual operation
    - O-ring effectively seals dust and is suitable for wet grinding

    Control Panel
    - 7-inch LED screen for easy parameter setting and display
    - User-friendly interface for simple operation

    Feed size
    Grinding process
    Final fineness
    <0.1µm(depending on sample)
    Jar volume
    Rotation speed of sun wheel
    Centrifugal acceleration
    Number of stations
    Rated power
    Effective diameter of sun wheel
    220V,50/60Hz (110V is also available)
    Sample quantity
    Jar material
    Zirconia, agate, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, corundum, silicon nitride.
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