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Hospital ICU/CCU Beds

ICU/CCU Bed - Electric Bed - ToronCare 1070

Hospital ICU/CCU Beds - ToronCare 1076

Hospital Beds - ToronCare 1078

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Hospital ICU/CCU Bed - ToronCare 1070

ICU/CCU Bed - ToronCare 1070 is an electrical ICU/CCU bed controlled by user-friendly 10.2 inch touchscreen.

Hospital ICU/CCU Bed - ToronCare 1076

Hospital ICU/CCU Beds - ToronCare 1076 is our new designed hospital bed to meet multi-function requirements of patients.

Hospital ICU/CCU Bed - ToronCare 1078

Hospital Beds - ToronCare 1078 Multifunction ICU bed is equipped with the automatic compound fallback system.

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