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HPLC Column Oven

The HPLC Column Oven system ensures precise column temperature control by using a fuzzy PID algorithm, fan-based air circulation, and multi-layer insulation. With a stability of ±0.1℃, it maintains consistent temperatures. Additionally, it incorporates real-time liquid leak protection, intelligent temperature monitoring, and over-temperature safeguards, preventing both leakage and overheating risks.


Precise temperature control ensures good separation and repeatability

By utilizing a fuzzy PID intelligent temperature control algorithm, a fan-based air circulation system, and a multi-layer insulation design, the column temperature achieves exceptional accuracy, stability, and uniformity. Maintaining a temperature stability of ±0.1℃, each analysis consistently upholds a constant temperature throughout.



Triple protection, more safe to use

The system incorporates real-time liquid leak protection and intelligent monitoring of Peltier and cavity temperature, along with over-temperature power-off protection. These triple safety measures effectively prevent accidental liquid leakage and mitigate risks associated with overheating.

Operating principle
Peltier element and fan-based forced air
Temperature range
5oC above ambient to 85oC
10oC below ambient to 85oC
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