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Analytical Lab Instruments - HPLC High Performance Liquid Chromatography

HPLC High Performance Liquid Chromatography

At Torontech, we specialize in High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). Our dedicated team is committed to advancing chromatography and spectroscopy technologies through rigorous research and development efforts. We strive to continually innovate and push the boundaries, ensuring our solutions meet the evolving needs of our customers in the field.

Our flagship products HPLC High Performance Liquid Chromatography is designed to prioritize reliability, precision, user-friendliness, and compliance. The company aims to improve user experiences and aspire to be the leading provider of scientific instruments and services worldwide.


Thanks to its dependable design and high-quality components, the TT-HPLC successfully clears the reliability test conducted by authorities, guaranteeing its optimal long-term performance.


We assure precision and accuracy in results through our distinctive pumping and sampling technology, a highly sensitive detector, and robust data processing software.

Environment Protection

Content determination of 9 phenols compounds by Torontech TT- HPLC system. The results show that the method is accurate and sensitive.

HPLC High Performance Liquid Chromatography

Ease of use

Operations become more convenient and efficient due to a range of user-friendly designs in TT-HPLC lab.


TT-HPLC lab adheres entirely to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 standards, incorporating database mode and ensuring data traceability.

Product Categories

HPLC P1/P2/P4 Pump

The HPLC P1/P2/P4 Pump cam, crafted from high-hardness alloy steel with high-frequency heat treatment, features a wear-resistant surface exceeding...

HPLC Autosampler

The HPLC autosampler features a patented integrated constant pressure needle and a precise syringe pump, guaranteeing exact injection volumes and superb linearity...

HPLC Column Oven

The HPLC Column Oven system ensures precise column temperature control by using a fuzzy PID algorithm...

HPLC UV-Vis Detector

The HPLC UV-Vis Detector's remarkable sensitivity is ensured by a high-throughput optical path, a reference...

HPLC Diode Array Detector

The HPLC Diode Array Detector provides detailed full-spectrum data, enabling compound identification through spectral comparison with entries in the database...

HPLC Detectors

HPLC Detectors - Utilizing high-resolution capabilities, the detector can be paired with versatile detectors like Fluorescence Detector (FLD), Refractive Index...

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