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Universal Testing Machines - Tensile Tester - Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine 3000 kN – TTM-3000

Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine 3000 kN – TTM-3000

TTM-3000 Servo - Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

TTM-3000 is a high capacity universal testing machine designed with a hydraulic unit located in the lower section of the frame.

It is primarily used for tensile, compression, bending, and shear testing of both metallic and non-metallic materials. The machine's operations and data processing comply with global "Metallic Materials Tensile Testing" standards including ASTM E-8, ISO and others. This machine is ideal for applications in metallurgy, construction, light industry, aviation, aerospace, educational institutions, and research centers.

Mechanical Process Structure

  • Load Frame: The Load Frame features a cylinder located at the lower section with chain transmission and hydraulic clamping. The tensile test area is located in the upper part of the frame, while compression, bending, and shear test area is below the moving crosshead.
  • Material and Construction: The test surface and columns are made from cast steel materials. The pillar and screw are made from Cr40, which is quenched and tempered for rigidity.
  • Cylinder: The cylinder uses a special process, with strong gap seals for a long service life.
  • Hydraulic Pump: European-made high-pressure hydraulic pump ensures low noise and smooth operation.
  • Hydraulic Source: The hydraulic source uses steel plate forming with surface plastic spraying processing. The design allows for clean placement of computers and printers, saving space.
  • Control and Measurement System

  • The system integrates advanced control and uses a full-digital electro-hydraulic servo closed-loop control and measurement system. This enables functions like constant velocity stress, strain, test force, displacement, and maintaining control.
  • Safety Features: The system includes multiple protection layers such as overload, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overspeed, and limit protections.
  • Software: Equipped with dedicated monitoring and control software, it handles statistical processing of test data, automatically detects lower yield points, tensile strength, elastic modulus, elongation, and more. The computer displays force, displacement, strain, and other parameters in real-time, with dynamic test curve displays and multiple output options for test curves and reports.
  • User Management: Features hierarchical management of user rights with secure login.
  • Data Processing: Utilizes advanced multi-threading technology for data collection and sensor data processing to prevent control failures.
  • Report Editing: Powerful report editing capabilities allow customization and output of desired test results. Data can be saved in Word format for easy editing.
  • Database Management: Automatically saves all test data and curves, supports curve enlargement, comparison, and provides a robust foundation for laboratory networking.
  • Maximum Test Force
    3000kN / 675,000 lb.f
    Test Force Measuring Range
    60-3000kN (13,500 – 675,000 lb.f)
    Accuracy Level
    Piston Maximum Speed Range
    Piston Stroke
    Displacement Resolution
    Displacement Measuring Accuracy
    Maximum Tensile Test Space
    950mm (37.5 inch)
    Round Sample Clamping Diameter
    φ25-φ100mm (1-4 inch)
    Flat Specimen Clamping Thickness
    10-90mm (0.4-3.5 inch)
    Distance Between Columns
    880mm (35 inch)
    Mainframe Dimensions (L × W × H)
    Approx. (1573 × 1160 × 3850 mm / 62 x 46 x 152 inch)
    Power Supply
    380V, 50Hz

    Standard Configuration

    1. Machine load frame 3000kN

    2. Electro-hydraulic servo source

    3. Electro-hydraulic servo valve (German VOITH)

    4. High pressure oil pump

    5. Load Cell: 3,000 kN

    6. Manual control box

    7. High pressure oil pipe

    8. Extensometer (50mm Gauge Length and 10mm Deformation)

    9. Dedicated data acquisition card

    10. Special measurement and control software

    11. Computer

    12. Printer

    13. Test fixtures

    - Round jaw 1 set Φ25-Φ50mm
    - Round jaw 1 set Φ50-Φ80mm
    - Round jaw 1 set Φ80-Φ100mm
    - Flat jaw 1 set 10-45mm
    - Flat jaw 1 set 45-90mm
    - Compression fixture 1 set Φ280mm

    14. Foundation bolt 4 pieces

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