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Coating Thickness Analyzer - INSIGHT Family(Benchtop)

INSIGHT Family(Benchtop)

The INSIGHT Family (Benchtop) – a versatile range of instruments designed to meet the diverse needs of industries such as electronics, semiconductor, and materials analysis. With its user-friendly operation and advanced features, INSIGHT ensures fast, accurate, and non-destructive analysis of coating thickness and composition, even for complex structures like PCBs and semiconductor wafers. Equipped with intuitive software and automation capabilities, INSIGHT accelerates sample measurements, enhancing productivity and efficiency. From wafer plating to lead frame treatments, the INSIGHT Family (Benchtop) offers reliable solutions for your analytical needs.


Multiple collimators are optional and combinable, and the configuration is flexible


Measurable precision down to nanometer level

Helium system

Optional helium system for excellent light element measurement

Product Categories

INSIGHT Ironware Application Plant

INSIGHT Ironware Application Plant analyzer, characterized by high sensitivity, non-destructive testing, user-friendly...

INSIGHT Universal Version For Small Parts

The INSIGHT Universal Version For Small Parts is designed as a 'top-down' coating analyzer, featuring a compact appearance...


INSIGHT Electronic Application Scopes endeavors to provide precise and efficient analysis methods for coating analysis...

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