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XRF and XRD Analyzers - Coating Thickness Analyzer

Coating Thickness Analyzer

The Coating Thickness Analyzer offers advanced solutions for analyzing coating thickness in diverse industries, ensuring products meet stringent quality standards. With its top-down analysis approach, incorporating cutting-edge technologies like the Multi-FP algorithm and microlight aggregation, it delivers swift, precise, and non-destructive testing even on uneven or irregular surfaces. This essential tool addresses challenges in controlling product quality during surface treatment processes and is indispensable for industries ranging from jewelry and automotive to aerospace and electronics.

Product Categories

TrueX COAT Coating Analyzer

The TrueX COAT Coating Analyzer is a handheld XRF device, featuring top-notch performance. Drawing on years of research...

PeDX COAT Coating Analyzer

The PeDX COAT Coating Analyzer, a cutting-edge solution for precise electroplating analysis. This innovative tool ensures top...

INSIGHT Family(Benchtop)

The INSIGHT Family (Benchtop) – a versatile range of instruments designed to meet the diverse needs of industries such as...

ScopeX PILOT Coating Thickness Analyzer

The ScopeX PILOT Coating Thickness Analyzer uses a top-down analysis approach, featuring advanced Multi-FP...

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