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Jaw Crushers - Jaw Crusher JC6

Jaw Crusher JC6

Feed size:<40mm

Final fineness:<0.5mm


JC6 and JC5 Jaw Crusher share a common application field and operational principle. Both models offer the advantage of zero-point correction to offset wear. However, JC6 is specifically designed for desktop use, distinguishing it from JC5. JC6 is characterized by its compact design, user-friendly operation, and the ability to achieve a high final sample fineness (d90 < 0.5 mm).

  • Mining and metallurgical sectors: for materials such as niobium and titanium alloys, vanadium iron, chrome vanadium, tungsten carbide, ores, coal, slag, and coke.
  • Chemical industry: suitable for processing a wide array of raw materials used in chemical production.
  • Geological and mineralogical applications: used for crushing rocks, granite, basalt, barite, silicate, and similar geological materials.
  • Ceramic industry: applicable for materials like talc, sintered clay, sintering ceramics, and electric ceramics.
  • Building materials sector: ideal for processing materials like bauxite, slag bricks, quartz, and cement.
  • Working Principle

    The sample is introduced into the grinding chamber through a specially designed anti-splashing hopper. The crushing process takes place within the wedge-shaped space between two jaw plates. One of these plates remains fixed, while the other is driven by a bent axle, executing an oval motion due to the continuous rotation of the motor. The sample undergoes crushing through extrusion, a result of the constant movement of the jaw plate, and subsequently descends under the influence of gravity. If the grain size of the sample is smaller than the lower opening gap of the jaw plates, it will drop into a collection drawer located at the machine's lower section.

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  • High processing capacity, achieving significant size reduction.
  • Zero point adjustment to compensate for wear over time.
  • Anti-splash designed hopper to prevent splashing.
  • Easily cleaned crushing chamber for convenience.
  • Outstanding performance and achieving a high level of final fineness (d90 < 0.5 mm).
  • Jaw plates available in various materials including manganese steel, stainless steel, tungsten carbide, zirconium oxide, heavy-metal-free steel, and industrial plastic.
  • Feed size
    Final fineness
    Collector capacity
    Jaw plate width
    Gap setting
    Zero point adjustment
    Rated power
    Power supply
    220V,50Hz/60Hz (110V Also available upon request)
    Instrument size(W*D*H)
    Package size(W*D*H)
    Net Weight
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