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Cutting Mills - Knife Mill HM100

Knife Mill HM100

Feed size:<50mm

Final fineness:<320μm

The Knife Mill HM100 is designed for processing soft, medium-hard, brittle, and fibrous samples, particularly those with high water, oil, or fat content.

- Sample types: Soft, elastic, fibrous, water-containing, oily, fatty, dry samples.
- Examples of applications:
- Agriculture: grains, feeds, etc.
- Biology: mouse tissues, plant leaves, seeds, seedlings, and germs.
- Medicine: Chinese medicine, pills, etc.
- Food: dried melons, vegetables, frozen food, candy, preserved fruits, and meat.

Working Principle

The HM100 features two-blade knives positioned at the center of the grinding cup's bottom. These blades maintain a certain height gap between them. When powered by a 1,100W motor, the knives begin to rotate. The sharp steel knife edges cut effectively, ensuring reliable crushing and the creation of uniform phase effects. You can opt for the blunt side for coarse grinding of bulk samples or the tough side for fine grinding of samples.

The motor speed is electronically controlled and can be preset. This consistent speed ensures efficient and high-quality grinding homogenization. It takes just 10 to 30 seconds to process samples that are typically difficult to crush, yielding homogenized samples ready for analysis.

Knife Mill

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- Option for an autoclavable container
- Grinding container available in various materials
- Easy operation and quick startup
- Powerful 1.1KW motor with adjustable speed
- Achieve both coarse and fine grinding in a single step
- Three optional modes: interval mode, reverse mode, and press-and-play mode
- Equipped with overload protection and a safety lock design

Feed size
< 40mm
Final fineness
< 300μm
Time setting
Batch quantity
Interval mode
stainless steel, titanium alloy
Number of blades
Rated power
Power supply
220V,50/60Hz (110V Also available upon request)
Instrument size
Package size
Net weight
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