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Hyperspectral Imaging Cameras - Microscopic Hyperspectral Imaging System

Microscopic Hyperspectral Imaging System

Combining the benefits of a microscope and an imaging spectrometer, hyperspectral data acquisition of microscopic images can be performed at any time. 

Microscopic Hyperspectral Imaging System can adapt existing biological microscopes, fluorescence microscopes, stereo microscopes, metallographic microscopes, and more, allowing them to be easily converted into hyperspectral microscopes. Users can customize microscope models based on their specific needs. The FigSpecR series of imaging spectrometers integrates both a visual camera and a hyperspectral camera. The visual camera allows for a quick preview of the sampled images, and once the images are confirmed to meet the requirements, hyperspectral image data collection can begin.

System composition

Hyperspectral imaging spectroscopic camera (optional models: FS-20/FS-22/FS-23) x1, Lens x1, Microscope (any manufacturer's model can be specified) x1, PC application software x1


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