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Microwave Digestion - Microwave Digestion High-throughput Sample Preparation Workstation MDS-15

Microwave Digestion High-throughput Sample Preparation Workstation MDS-15

Microwave Digestion High-throughput Sample Preparation Workstation MDS-15: Clear quartz visibility, proactive remote monitoring, 500ml ultra-large vessel, drying rotor, safety bolt design, aerospace security in a 65L chamber for high-energy, even microwaving.

Conventional digestion:

The Microwave Digestion High-throughput Sample Preparation Workstation MDS-15, equipped with 16 high-throughput GP-100 digestion vessels, operates continuously at ultra-high temperatures. Meeting diverse digestion needs, the 8 QZ-100 quartz closed vessel set significantly enhances visibility and digestion capacity, handling even the most challenging materials. Utilizing remote Wi-Fi video monitoring, it enables observation and media capture throughout the entire process.

Ultra-high sample amounts digestion:

The LV-500 digestion vessel carousel facilitates simultaneous digestion in eight 500ml ultra-large vessels, elevating the sample capacity to an unmatched 10 grams. Its magnetic stirring capability accelerates and enhances sample digestion. The innovative Safety Bolt design guarantees controlled vertical pressure relief and thorough digestion, enabling successful completion of high-capacity digestion tasks.

Sample drying:

The F-DRY drying rotor enables quick and even microwave drying, reducing sample drying time to just a quarter compared to traditional methods. It prevents sample contamination and carbonation without requiring any modifications to the main machine for the drying process.

Microwave extraction, microwave Kjeldahl Nitrogen Determination, etc:

Our team of application engineers has devised methods for microwave extraction, microwave-based Kjeldahl nitrogen determination, and other processes. We're here to provide continuous technical support.

The Microwave Digestion High-throughput Microwave Sample Preparation Workstation
MDS-15 outer vessel, crafted from ultra-strong aerospace composite fiber, excels in anti-explosion capability. Its corrosion resistance, high temperature, impact, and pressure resistance surpass those of widely used modified PEEK engineering plastic vessels. Unlike PEEK, which can melt at high temperatures, become fragile under pressure, and explode due to chemical corrosion, this material eliminates operator safety risks during use.

The precision-engineered safety bolt design guarantees complete closure of samples and triggers controlled pressure relief in case of overpressure. Unlike safety membranes and consumables, the Safety Bolt unit ensures complete sealing of the digestion vessel during standard operations, preventing loss of volatile elements and incomplete digestion. Only when the pressure reaches hazardous levels does the safety bolt automatically release vertically, allowing the cover to lift and relieve pressure, ensuring safe operations. It requires no replacement during normal use and facilitates easy venting after digestion completion by simply opening the cover.

Cutting-edge pressure measurement technology using piezoelectric crystals and high-precision Pt sensors, along with inverter-based microwave power control, ensures accurate monitoring and control of pressure and temperature. Patented piezoelectric crystal application isolates samples during pressure measurement, eliminating cross-contamination issues commonly seen with air pipes in the market.

The continuous unidirectional rotation of the digestion vessel set enhances heating uniformity, extends turntable motor life, and prevents sample overheating. Short temperature and pressure cables prevent tangling and simplify disassembly.

The modern industrial design offers a smart, colorful interface, with a scientifically optimized internal structure featuring a 65L industrial-grade 316L stainless steel reactor chamber and dual magnetron setup for even microwave heating and high power emission.

Innovative remote wireless video monitoring, combined with high-intensity transparent quartz vessels, ensures clear visibility of the digestion process. Mobile devices enable safe and convenient operation observation and monitoring.

A robust industrial-grade chamber design enhances impact resistance, while a multi-layer chemical-resistant coating improves system longevity and safety. The pop-up cushioning explosion-proof sliding chamber door enhances passive safety and disables microwave power in case of an explosion. An efficient exhaust system enables rapid and safe forced-air cooling, boosting operational efficiency.

The system includes high-performance digestion rotors:

16 GP-100 ultra-high-strength frame closed vessels designed for long-duration high-temperature and pressure digestion tasks, suitable for diverse sample types and large capacities, including solvent extraction, microwave Kjeldahl nitrogen determination, and hydro-thermal synthesis.

8 QZ-100 high-temperature/pressure visual closed quartz vessels, capable of handling even more demanding materials under higher temperatures and pressures. The vessel set includes remote video monitoring for real-time observation of the reaction process. Mobile devices with monitoring apps facilitate safer operations.

Both vessel sets feature specifications for maximum design pressure, temperature, vessel volume, materials, and processing quantity.

8 LV-500 ultra large capacity digestion vessel carousel

The LV-500 digestion vessel carousel accommodates 8 500ml ultra-large vessels, elevating sample capacity to an unprecedented 10-gram level, eliminating the need for multiple sample collections in trace element testing. This boosts efficiency, minimizes operational errors, and meets high-sample digestion needs. Full vessel magnetic stirring expedites thorough sample digestion. Featuring an aerospace fiber outer vessel, high-strength frame, and Safety Bolt design, it ensures safe, controlled pressure relief and comprehensive digestion.


Maximum design pressure: 4Mpa (600psi)
Maximum design temperature: 230℃
Inner vessel volume: 500ml
Outer vessel material: Ultra-strength aerospace composite fiber with high temperature and pressure resistance up to 600℃ and 66 Mpa (10,000psi)
Inner vessel material: TFM (modified polytetrafluoroethylene)
Maximum processing quantity: 8 vessels

F-DRY microwave drying rotor

The F-DRY microwave drying rotor achieves fast and even drying by extracting moisture through microwave heating and vortex air. Its drying time is only a quarter of conventional methods. Unique air inlet and outlet designs prevent sample contamination and loss while eliminating the risk of sample carbonization during microwave heating. It performs heating tasks without requiring modifications to the main machine and meets standards for specialized sample testing, such as soil analysis.

The size of the drying plate is 27 centimeters in diameter.

The drying plate is made of TFM (modified polytetrafluoroethylene).

The drying wind speed has three adjustable settings: high, medium, and low.


  • Quartz digestion vessel provides visibility
  • Wireless remote video monitoring for clear real-time observation
  • 500ml ultra-large digestion vessel accommodates samples up to 10 grams
  • Drying rotor aids in sample drying
  • Safety bolt design eliminates costly explosion-proof membranes
  • Aerospace composite fiber outer vessel ensures top-tier security
  • 65L stainless steel chamber with dual magnetron structure for high-energy, uniform microwave fields
  • Name of reaction vessel
    16 GP-100 ultrahigh strength frame closed vessel
    8 QZ-100 high temperature/pressure visual closed quartz vessel
    8 LV-500 ultra large capacity digestion vessel carousel
    Model of reaction vessel
    Processing capacity in one batch
    Inner vessel material
    Pure Quartz
    Explosion-proof outer vessel material
    Aerospace composite fiber Xtra Fiber
    Aerospace composite fiber Xtra Fiber
    Frame structure of digestion rotor
    Independent frame structure of each digestion vessel
    Independent frame structure of each digestion vessel
    Integrated high strength alloy rotary carousel
    Reaction vessel volume
    Maximum design pressure
    4MPa (600psi)
    Maximum temperature
    Maximum sample amount
    Resistance to HF
    Magnetic stirring function
    Typical application
    Food, soil, metal, alloy, cosmetic, plant, etc.
    Fat, oil, plastic, coal, etc.
    Biological samples, environmental samples, etc.
    220-240 VAC 50/60Hz 16A (110V is also available. Please specify when ordering)
    Microwave source
    2450MHz, dual magnetron design
    Installed power
    Maximum output power
    2200W, non-pulse continuous automatic variable frequency control
    65L stainless steal industrial grade professional chamber, multi-layer chemical resistant PFA coating
    Door design
    6 layer steel structure and popup cushioning explosion-proof sliding chamber door (Auto-Pop) design, electronic and mechanical dual-control door lock
    Video monitoring system (Optional)
    Wireless video monitoring system, mobile phones and tablets can realize the observation and monitoring of the reaction
    Turntable design
    Load 16 GP-100 closed digestion vessels at same time
    Pressure measurement and control system
    Piezoelectric crystal pressure sensor, pressure control range :0-10MPa (1500 psi), accuracy ± 0.01MPa
    Temperature measurement and control system
    High-precision platinum resistor temperature sensor, temperature range :0-300°C, accuracy ±1℃; IR temperature sensor as optional, temperature range :0-300°C, accuracy ±1℃.
    Outer vessel material
    Explosion-proof outer vessel made of aerospace composite fiber. high temperature and pressure resistance reach 600℃and 66 Mpa(10000psi).
    Inner vessel material
    Modified TFM material
    Chamber exhaust system
    High-power anticorrosion axial fan, 20 minutes cooling time (from 200°C to 60°C)
    Working environment
    0-40 °C, 15-80%RH
    Physical size
    21.7 inches X 26.4 inches X 27.6 inches
    154 lbs.
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