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Ball Mills - Mortar Grinder MG200

Mortar Grinder MG200

Feed size          : ≥15mm

Final fineness : ≤5μm

Speed               : 50-130rpm

The MG200 Mortar Grinder is designed for grinding, homogenizing, and mixing a wide variety of samples under dry, wet, or cryogenic conditions. It can effectively grind hard, soft, brittle, and even pasty samples. What sets it apart is its exceptional performance when it comes to processing capacity, along with its user-friendly and safe operation.

Sample type:hard, soft, brittle and pasty samples.
Typical sample:Soils ,chemical products,medicinal herbs,yeast cell ,cocoa ,food ,grain ,oil ,fruit,salt ,slag,silicate ,glass ,ceramic and cement clinker

Mortar Grinder

Working Principle

The sample enters the grinding space between the pestle and mortar through a hopper, where it gets crushed under pressure and friction. The scraper's role is to introduce the material into the region between the mortar and pestle. This deliberate feeding process guarantees that the entire sample consistently undergoes grinding and thorough mixing.

Mortar Grinder

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  • Simple to clean
  • Convenient and secure to use
  • Expertise for achieving optimal grinding results
  • Suitable for dry, wet, and cryogenic grinding
  • Preparing rough samples
  • Adding samples through the fill opening while in operation
  • Multiple scraper materials available (polyurethane, PTFE, beech wood) to meet various application needs.
  • Feed size
    ≥15mm,depending on the sample property
    Final fineness
    ≤5μm,depending on the sample property
    50~130rpm,speed is adjustable
    Batch quantity
    Time setting
    Setting pestle pressure /position
    Vertical by adjusting knob+scale
    Setting scraper pressure/position
    By adjusting knob
    Digital tube display
    Lock device
    External helix-screw device
    Appearance design
    Rated power
    Power supply
    220V,50/60Hz (110V Also available upon request)
    Instrument size(W*D*H)
    Package size(W*D*H)
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