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Cutting Mills - Multi-Functional Cutting Mill CM100M

Multi-Functional Cutting Mill CM100M

Feed size:≤60×80mm

Final fineness:0.1-20mm


The Cutting Mill CM100M is appropriate for a wide range of dry samples, including those that are soft, tough, fibrous, and hard. It is suitable for both batch processing and continuous operations, allowing for coarse and fine crushing.

Plant stem, wood, medicine, feed, season, rubber, plastic, leather, waste, paper, packaging foam, cardboard, etc.

Working Principle

The sample enters the grinding chamber from the hopper and is cut as it encounters the shearing action between a rotor and a stationary cutting bar. If the sample size is smaller than the opening on the sieve plate, it is collected in the bucket below.

Multi-Functional Cutting Mill CM100M

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- It can be securely fixed to the floor or equipped with casters for easy mobility.
- Features a quick locking mechanism and motor braking for enhanced safety.
- The grinding process is fast and generates minimal heat.
- Sample size is regulated by the bottom sieve, and sieves of various sizes can be chosen.
- It can process a substantial amount of sample continuously, from a few kilograms to several hundred kilograms per hour.
- CM101 can be fitted with a small sample receiver and cyclone separator, simplifying sample collection, chamber cleaning, and reducing heat generation.
- Easy cleaning is facilitated by replaceable push-fit grinding sieves and rotor.

Techniques for achieving optimum grinding results

- Achieving better results with samples like rubber and plastic may involve freezing or incorporating auxiliary materials.
- To meet fine grinding needs, begin with the use of the larger aperture bottom sieve for pre-pulverization, followed by the smaller aperture bottom sieve for fine grinding.
- When handling flexible and heat-sensitive samples, a speed of less than 1000rpm is recommended, while medium-hard and soft samples are best processed at speeds above 1000rpm.

Connect cyclone separator, small volume sample receiver

When utilizing CM101 in conjunction with the cyclone separator, it is well-suited for managing light or low-volume samples. The integration of a cyclone separator broadens the scope of applications for Cutting Mills. This not only efficiently addresses the heat transfer issue during the grinding process, making cleaning easier, but also enhances the consistency and reproducibility of the grinding outcomes.

Multi-Functional Cutting Mill CM100M


Rotor A: The standard rotor designed for use with Cutting Mill CM101, primarily employed for crushing hard and fibrous samples, such as straw.

Rotor B: The 6-disc rotor designed for use with Cutting Mill CM101, primarily used for crushing medium-hard, flexible, and lightweight samples, such as plastic, rubber, and circuit boards.

Multi-Functional Cutting Mill CM100M

Additionally, we offer rotors and sieves crafted from specialized materials to facilitate heavy-metal-free crushing.

Hopper for CM101

We provide two types of feed hoppers: the V-type feed hopper (1) and the standard feed hopper (2). The V-type feed hopper (1) is suitable for block and granular samples, while the standard feed hopper (2) is ideal for processing long strips of plant materials and similar specimens.

Both the feed hopper and the instrument's shell are constructed from durable steel, offering ergonomic design for user-friendliness and ease of operation.

Feed size
Final fineness
Collector capacity
Peripheral speed
Grinding chamber material
stainless steel, 1.1740 steel, hardened steel
Rated power
Power supply
220V,50/60Hz (110V Also available upon request)
Instrument size(W*D*H)
Package size(W*D*H)
Net weight
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