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Lube Grease Testing Equipment - Oil Separation Apparatus for Grease

Oil Separation Apparatus for Grease

Oil Separation Apparatus for Grease TT-6184

Oil Separation Apparatus for Grease TT-6184 adheres to the ASTM D6184 standard Test Method for Oil Separation from Lubricating Grease (Conical Sieve Method). 

Oil Separation Apparatus for Grease TT-6184 facilitates the determination of lubricating grease's tendency to separate oil at elevated temperatures. The test method is typically conducted at 100°C for 30 hours unless specified otherwise by the grease specification.

1. The apparatus comprises a beaker, steel mesh, covered beaker, hook, and other components.

2. It utilizes a glass beaker without a mouth, with a capacity of 200 ml, facilitating easy observation and featuring high thermal stability.

3. Featuring a stainless steel mesh with a 60-mesh size and a metal beam, it allows for easy extraction.

4. Equipped with a closely linked roof for the beaker, providing excellent heat preservation. Additionally, a hook is positioned at the center of the bottom cover for hanging the steel mesh, ensuring ease of operation.

1. Stainless Steel Wire Mesh: 60 Mesh

2. Beaker: High-type, No Mouth, 200ml

3. Beaker Cover: Aluminum Alloy

4. Ambient Requirements: Temperature: 10~40°C; Humidity ≤85%

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