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PC Strand Stress Corrosion Testing Machine

PC Strand Stress Corrosion Testing Machine adopts servo-controlled system which features fast response and outstanding long time dependability, it consists a high stiffness load frame, accurate force, time measuring system, highly seamed cell and precise heat controlling system.

Precision driving system

The servo-controlled motor is mounted on the top to drive the ball screw, this design to achieve the high precision loading as well as low noise, besides, this structure had been proved to be the most reliable working with almost zero maintenance.

Well considered heating system

  • Two independent heating system for the pre-heating chamber and test cell
  • Put the sample trough the cell via two holes, then seal the holes, mount the sample into grips.
  • Connect the lower hose on test cell to preheating chamber where the thiocyanate will be heated to 50°C- 55°C, in the meantime, the test cell will also be heated to 50°C, connect the upper hose on the test cell to air outlet.
  • Apply specific load to sample, then open the valve on pre-heater to let thiocyanate flow to test cell, close the valve until the cell is completely filled.
  • Zero-leak design

    The wire strand specimen is completely immersed inside the cell and the tensile force is applied through the actuator on the top of load frame, no fixture goes through the bottom of cell, this design solved the problem that the clearance between stranded wires where the liquid could easily go through, the whole test is done inside the cell.

    Highly integrated console

    Console with all the control electronics easy to access and monitor.

    Powerful control unit

    Powerful control unit are powerful and cost effective electronic systems, designed especially for the control and data acquisition of testing instruments.

  • Resolution up to ± 180, 000.
  • Visible PID adjustment: immediately displays the result of PID, make the PID no longer be “Invisible and untouchable”.
  • Expandable design: Several load/deformation sensors can be expanded on one machine.
  • Automatic transducer recognition, calibration and balancing, greatly speeds up the testing process and ensures consistent and accurate data; Automatic recognition of all transducers by sensor plug with transducer coding. The recognition includes all set up and calibration data. Each sensor plug stores the information in a flash EPROM.
  • All settings of the system can be done by software, all settings can be exported and saved as a data file in computer, end user only need to import data file if old control unit is replaced
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