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Coating Thickness Analyzer - PeDX COAT Coating Analyzer

PeDX COAT Coating Analyzer

Introducing the PeDX COAT Coating Analyzer, a cutting-edge solution for precise electroplating analysis. This innovative tool ensures top-quality results through advanced algorithms, including the super-FP algorithm and correction curve method. With rapid analysis capabilities and customizable settings, even non-technical users can easily operate it. The PeDX COAT Coating Analyzer generates detailed analytical reports in PDF or Excel format, allowing for thorough data review and customization. Its versatility extends to personalized screening of materials and elements, making it an essential tool for various industries, including medical devices, electronics, and hardware products. With unparalleled speed, accuracy, and consistency, the PeDX COAT Coating Analyzer sets the standard for electroplating analysis.


Lightweight and easy to operate


A single battery can last for about 8 hours

>5 layers

The upper limit of the number of testable coating layers

Product Categories

PeDX COAT Plating Solution Analyzer

The PeDX COAT Plating Solution Analyzer serves the purpose of electroplating solution detection.

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