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Planetary Ball Mill

Planetary Ball Mills are ideal for grinding (dry or wet) and blending various types of soft, hard, brittle, and fibrous samples. They are utilized wherever customers demand the utmost level of precision, and where consistent grinding results are essential. In addition to the traditional functions of mixing and reducing particle size, these mills also fulfill all the necessary technical criteria for achieving colloidal grinding.

Sample Types: Soft, hard, brittle, fibrous

Application Fields: Engineering/electronics, building materials, agriculture, medicine, chemical/synthetic materials, geology/metallurgy, environment/resource recovery, glass/ceramics

Typical Samples: Plant material, cement clinker, concrete, compost, coatings and paint, charcoal, hair, catalyst, chemicals, metal, carbon fiber, paper, fiber products, cellulose, seeds, clay minerals, coke, coal, glass, waste electronic products, mineral, ore, limestone, gypsum, quartz, kaolin, bones, metal oxide, iron ore, ceramics, polymers, bentonite, pigment, and so on.

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When the planetary ball mill is initiated, the motor propels the central sun wheel into motion, and the grinding jars, situated on the sun wheel, revolve about their individual axes. The direction of the sun wheel's motion is opposite to that of the grinding jars in a 1:2 ratio. Inside the grinding jars, the grinding balls experience superimposed rotational motion, often referred to as Coriolis forces.

This interaction results in the release of significant dynamic energies by the grinding balls. The samples continually encounter impacts from the grinding balls and are rapidly crushed due to the friction against the inner wall of the grinding jar.

- Automatic Direction Reversal to Prevent Agglomerations: The system automatically changes direction to prevent clumping.
- Powerful and Rapid Grinding to Nano Fineness: Achieves quick and powerful grinding down to nano-sized particles.
- Suitable for Long-Term and Continuous Operation: Designed for extended and continuous use.
- Reproducible Results Thanks to Programmed Grinding Parameters: Consistent outcomes are ensured through programmed grinding parameters.
- Grinding Chamber with Automatic Ventilation System: The grinding jar is equipped with an automatic ventilation system for cooling.
- Four Grinding Platforms for Simultaneous Processing: With four grinding platforms, it can process 2, 4, or 8 samples simultaneously (BM40 model).
- Six Varieties of Grinding Jars in Different Materials: Six types of grinding jars are available, with volumes ranging from 12ml to 4000ml.

Customizable Speed Ratio

Planetary ball mills offer the option of 1, 2, or 4 grinding stations. This parameter can be adjusted freely to suit the sample's specific characteristics. You have a wide selection of high-quality grinding materials to choose from. Furthermore, grinding balls of various quantities and sizes can be flexibly combined to meet unique crushing and grinding needs.

During the operation of the planetary ball mill, it generates an extremely high level of impact energy between the grinding balls and the grinding jars, allowing it to complete the sample grinding in a very short duration.

The fundamental principle of the planetary ball mill hinges on the relative rotation of the sun wheel and the grinding jar. The speed ratio directly affects the input energy and the grinding outcomes. As per customer requirements, we can customize the speed ratio from 1:1 to 1:-3.5.

Comfortable operation and easy cleaning

- Intelligent security lock for operational safety
- Ergonomically designed planetary ball mill for user comfort and safety
- User-friendly program design for setting grinding time and autonomous operation
- Efficient, maintenance-free drive system for constant speed during continuous operation
- Built-in high-power fans for effective motor cooling during grinding

Multi-Safety Design of Grinding Jars

- For colloid grinding, the grinding jars feature a secure closure mechanism to maintain a gas-tight and dust-proof environment, ensuring safe operation.
- The safety closure device can be sealed during colloid grinding (wet grinding) to prevent the easy escape of overpressure gas.
- An aeration lid is provided for gas import and export, as well as for safety protection.
- These safety closure devices ensure high-level gas tightness within the grinding jars, safeguarding the integrity of the grinding results.

Pressure and Temperature Measuring System (PTM)

- While the planetary ball mill is in operation, the PTM allows for monitoring and recording of various processes and reactions within the grinding jars, including temperature and pressure changes.
- This capability enhances the quality of grinding and facilitates more precise analysis of results.

Grinding Jar Features:

- Capacity and material are clearly marked on the grinding jars for easy identification.
- A wide range of materials is available to meet various treatment requirements.
- The O-ring ensures dust prevention and pressure tightness.
- The jars are easy to open due to the gap between the grinding jar and the lid.
- Grinding jars made of agate, sintered aluminum oxide, zirconium oxide, and tungsten carbide are coated with a stainless steel jacket.
Feed size
<0.39 inches.
<0.78 inches
Final fineness
<0.1µm(up to nanometer for colloidal grinding)
Speed ratio
1:- 2
1:- 2
1: -1.9
0-99min(recycle times 01-99)
Effective sun wheel diameter
14.1732 inches.
10.2362 inches.
11.4173 inches.
15.1181 inches.
Rated power
Power supply
220V, 50/60Hz (110V is also available. Please specify when ordering)
Instrument size
30.87 x 23.54 x 22.72 inches
26.97 x 20.08 x 19.92 inches
26.97 x 20.08 x 19.92 inches
24.02 x 32.28 x 24.61 inches
Package size
35.43 x 40.16 x 35.04 inches
33.86 x 37.8 x 30.71 inches
33.86 x 37.8 x 30.71 inches
35.43 x 40.16 x 35.04 inches
418.88 pounds / 190 kg
275.58 pounds / 125 kg
319.67 pounds / 145 kg
429.9 pounds / 195 kg
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