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Environmental On-line Monitor - Pollutant Discharge Monitor

Pollutant Discharge Monitor

Pollutant Discharge Monitor, drawing from years of experience in atmospheric environment monitoring and utilizing sensor technology from both domestic and international sources. It uses high-precision sensors such as electrochemical and optical sensors to primarily monitor sulfur content in the air, as well as temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and other factors.

Pollutant Discharge Monitor utilizing wireless communication technology, the instrument gathers environmental big data into a "cloud platform," integrating the application of informationized big data to track pollution sources, issue early warnings and forecasts, and provide timely and effective decision support for monitoring and supervising ship air pollution emissions.

Pollutant Discharge Monitor

Ship exhaust emission monitoring

Pollutant Discharge Monitor

Emergency smoke pollution accident

Pollutant Discharge Monitor

Spot check of enterprise flue gas emission

Pollutant Discharge Monitor

Petroleum, chemical, power plant and other industrial process control

Pollutant Discharge Monitor

Environmental monitoring of air and pollution source emissions

Pollutant Discharge Monitor

Determination of gas content for various laboratory combustion tests

High-performance accessories

Pollutant Discharge Monitor featuring a large-screen touch color image display, this durable interface offers easy operation and vivid image display. Additionally, adaptive signal filtering optimizes response time for enhanced performance.


The Pollutant Discharge Monitor offers high operational reliability and stability, complemented by intelligent fault diagnosis and self-correction functions. It displays recent calibration, alarm, error, and power failure information for easy monitoring and troubleshooting.

Data transmission

Pollutant Discharge Monitor equipped with RS232/485, USB, GPRS, ADSL, Ethernet, and various other data transmission modes, the system enables remote transmission, monitoring, and inspection of operational parameters, status updates, and data.

Data storage

The Pollutant Discharge Monitor features built-in storage for multiple averages ranging from 1 minute to 365 days. Additionally, it includes temperature compensation and pressure compensation functions for enhanced accuracy and reliability.

Measurement range
Minimum:0-0.025 parts per million
Maximum:0-10ppm(user optional, support double range)
Unit of measure
Zero noise
Span noise
0.5% (RMS) of readings above 5ppb
Minimum detection limit
Zero drift
< 0.2 PPB / 24 hours
Span drift
< 0.5% of full scale /24 hours
Delay time
< 20 s
Rise/fall time
95% in 100s
1% of full scale
0.5% of the reading
Sampling flow rate
The power supply requirements
Mode output range
Operating temperature range
Humidity range
0-90% RH, no condensation
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