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Online Monitor - Environmental On-line Monitor

Environmental On-line Monitor

Based on the Internet of Everything cloud platform and excellent instrument hardware technology, to create intelligent online monitoring solutions for customers in environmental protection, industry, thermal power plants, aerospace and other fields.

Introducing our cutting-edge Environmental On-line Monitor, equipped with advanced features for accurate and real-time environmental monitoring. This system offers comprehensive capabilities such as continuous monitoring of heavy metals, precise measurement of pollutants, and remote data transmission through various modes including RS232/485, USB, GPRS, and more. 

With its intelligent alarm system, built-in calibration module, and multiple anti-radiation treatments, our Environmental On-line Monitor ensures reliable performance and compliance with regulatory standards. It also includes features such as temperature and pressure compensation, adaptive signal filtering, and intelligent fault diagnosis for enhanced accuracy and stability. Ideal for a wide range of applications including industrial emissions monitoring, urban air quality assessment, and ship pollutant discharge tracking, our Environmental On-line Monitor provides invaluable insights and decision support for environmental management.


Online Monitoring


Low detection limit makes your detection more accurate


Real-time monitoring of mass concentration

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