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Raman Spectrometers - Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer

Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer

Provide a new detection method for the biomedical field

The Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer is an integrated analysis tool  to meet user requirements. It combines XRF technology, Raman spectroscopy technology, and scientific stoichiometry algorithms. 

Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer features compact size, requires minimal or no sample preparation, offers rapid analysis, high sensitivity, wide analysis range, and cost-effectiveness. It serves as essential analysis equipment for chemical research, polymer materials, biomedical and pharmaceutical testing, gem identification, and other applications.

When a gas, liquid, or transparent sample is exposed to monochromatic light with a wavelength much smaller than the particle size of the sample, most of the light passes through, while a small portion scatters at various angles, resulting in scattering.

Apart from Rayleigh scattering, which has the same frequency as the original incident light, there exists a series of Raman spectral lines symmetrically distributed with several very weak lines shifted from the frequency of the incident light. This phenomenon is known as the Raman effect. As the length of the Raman spectral line is directly linked to the vibration or rotation energy level of the sample molecule, it provides information about the molecule's vibration or rotation.

Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer
Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer
Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer

Drug authenticity identification

Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer

Analysis of Sulfur content in gasoline and diesel

Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer

Elements content in toothpaste

Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer

Detection of constituent in fertilizer

Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer

Precursor chemicals supervision

Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer

Pesticide residue

Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer

Narcotics and psychotropic drugs supervision

Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer

Cosmetics supervision

Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer

Food additives

Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer

Medical device supervision

Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer

Illegal additives in health products

Six automatic sampling platform

The Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer comes with an automatic sample injector, replacing the traditional manual method. This automatic injection mode enables the analysis of up to 6 samples simultaneously, allowing for unattended analysis and significantly enhancing the efficiency of on-site law enforcement detection work.

Built-in retractable industrial-grade display

Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer featuring an industrial-grade color touch screen, the device offers a simple and intuitive operation interface with improved backlight performance. It features waterproof capabilities and can be operated under strong light or while wearing gloves, making it adaptable to various law enforcement scene environments with ease.

Closed sample chamber

Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer equipped with professional multiple radiation protection measures including sample chamber radiation shielding and safety linkage devices, the instrument ensures no radiation leakage in any direction during measurement. The enclosed sample chamber effectively mitigates the influence of visible light and fluorescence on the background signal of the Raman spectrum, enhancing the peak-to-background ratio and improving analysis accuracy.

One-stop analysis system

Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer offering a one-stop analysis solution for food, medicine, cosmetics, and more, the instrument significantly reduces law enforcement costs. Personnel only need to be proficient in one analysis system to oversee the entire domain, preventing the "island effect" arising from varying analysis software from different manufacturers.

Modular upgrade

The application mode functionality can be enhanced based on law enforcement requirements, such as enabling traceability of production line processes, ingredients, and packaging details of drugs based on element content in drug packaging, molecular structures, and other fingerprint characteristic information.

Fixed sample loading structure

In contrast to handheld spectrometers, PeDXRAMAN features a fixed sample loading structure without manual focus, eliminating personnel interference with test results. This design ensures the stability of the optical path and enhances the accuracy and reproducibility of test results.

Built-in 5G data cloud service module

The Portable XRF & Raman Spectrometer is outfitted with a law enforcement application (APP) that allows for synchronous control. This APP facilitates the transmission and management of detection information, as well as seamless sharing and interconnection of experimental system data. Leaders can gain a comprehensive overview of the law enforcement situation within the system and swiftly grasp the detection status.

The operating system
The laser wavelength
785 ± 0.5nm
Laser power
Raman shift range
200 - 3000cm-1
Raman resolution
XRF energy resolution
XRF detection range
X-ray tube target
W/Ag/Rh target (optional)
X-ray tube voltage
50kV/200μA upper limit, tube pressure tube flow can be adjusted freely
Touch screen
5. 7 inches
200 x 200x 268mm(L×W×H)
Communication interface
4G, WIFI, USB, Bluetooth
Operating temperature
- 20-50 ℃
Working humidity
0% - 95% RH
Signal to noise ratio
Power system
Lithium battery, real-time monitoring of remaining capacity
Independent power supply can support 4-6 hours of working time
Comply with air dangerous goods transport regulations
Based on the I. MX 6 Quad quad-core Cortex-A9 processor
Dedicated analysis-level operating system
80MHz ADC digital pulse processor
4096 MCA channel, 32 GB memory
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