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Prestressed Concrete Strand Testing - Prestressed Concrete Rebar Tensile Tester

Prestressed Concrete Rebar Tensile Tester

ASTM A416, ASTM 496, BS 5896

Prestressed Concrete Rebar Tensile Tester – 600 kN Double Space – Servo Hydraulic TT-HSDS600-PCStrand

Torontech’s High Strength Frame Dual Space Servo Hydraulic TT-HSDS600-PCStrand model is used to verify various mechanical properties of;

  • Metal: Wire, rod, tube, strip, plate & strip
  • Fasteners: Tensile, Proof, Single and Double shear
  • Construction materials: Rebar, Wire Strand, Mesh, Folding, compression of concrete and components
  • Rigid 4-column load frame construction providing superior axial and lateral stiffness and minimum maintenance, low reaction at specimen failure. Chrome plated columns for easy cleaning and longest life.

    Extra-length screws and columns, with an adjustable lower crosshead, to increase the available test space for longer test specimens. Double acting crossbeam quickly accommodates specimens of varying lengths. In the case of additional length of columns, the maximum testing space is adjustable to meet extra length specimens.

    Fully open front wedge grips make it easy to insert and remove specimens for increased productivity and operator safety.  Interchangeable design allows limited number of jaw faces to accommodate a large range of specimen sizes. Semi-open front hydraulic wedge clamps for easier loading and allowing rapid loading and unloading of specimens. Hydraulic operated wedge grips available. Including grip control system mounted direct at the machine Tooling for tension, compression, bend/flex, shear, and other tests available.

    With digital displacement transducer for the best positioning and measuring accuracy.

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