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Reliability of Fiber Cables Working Under Extreme Environments


The Torontech Optical Fiber Cable Temperature Cycling Chamber TT-TCC is designed to apply temperature cycling on optical fiber cables in order to determine the stability behaviour of the attenuation of cables submitted to temperature changes.

It features a large test chamber, precise temperature control as well as low-temperature fluctuations, This gives the customer an ideal test platform to determine the exact conditions and the results on the fiber cables which can be used for commercial, domestic and high scale industrial requirements.

Changes in the attenuation of optical fibre cables which may occur with changing temperatures are generally the result of buckling or tensioning of the fibres resulting from differences between their thermal expansion coefficient and the coefficients of the cable strength and jacketing members.

Test conditions for temperature-dependent measurements shall simulate the worst conditions, this helps this customer as the cables intended for their project are for a government construction site that will encounter heavy wind and extreme heat and cold.

This machine can provide the customer with a perfect overview to predict the life and the reliability of fiber cables under extreme environments, as the device creates a cyclic test environment.

The customer has been impressed with the device itself and agrees it would be a great asset that will help them to get more efficient for testing more sample cables in house eliminating any additional cost for third party testing. Torontech has successfully worked on a custom device meeting the very specific needs of this customer.

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