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Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine for the Needs of Tensile and Compression Testing


Torontech has been a prime supplier of material testing devices especially when it comes to the needs of tensile and compression testing. The servo-hydraulic UTM TTSH600 is a state of the art design equipped with modern test evaluating software and hardware to meet the requirements of the most demanding tensile/ compression test requirement.

The recent success of Torontech’s Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine TTSH600 with a very renowned customer from Singapore proves how efficient the company is in terms of meeting high-quality standards, the customer would be working with metals, rebars, wire strand and all sort of construction material.

Our machine will provide the quality assurance needed to generate the right results required by the customer to make sure they can finish the testing in a time-efficient and cost-efficient manner, as the device eliminates the need of any externally required third party tests.

The customer will be using the extra-long screws and columns to increase the available test space which allows them to save on workspace and work more efficiently.

UTM TTSH600 has Fully open front wedge grips make it easy to insert and remove specimens for increased productivity and operator safety.  Interchangeable design allows a limited number of jaw faces to accommodate a large range of specimen sizes. Semi-open front hydraulic wedge clamps for easier loading and allowing rapid loading and unloading of specimens.

Hydraulic operated wedge grips available. Including grip control system mounted directly at the machine Tooling for tension, compression, bend/flex, shear, and other tests available along with a digital displacement transducer for the best positioning and measuring accuracy.

These advanced features definitely assisted our customer to work with a higher precision and efficient speed proving the device is a true standout piece of machinery when it comes to TENSILE / COMPRESSION testing.

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