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Cutting Mills - Rotor Beater Mill CR200

Rotor Beater Mill CR200

Feed size:≤25mm

Final fineness:40μm-10mm


The Rotor Beater Mill CR200 can grind both soft and hard materials through a combination of impact and shear actions, resulting in effective grinding.

Pharmaceutical products, seeds, building materials, soil, chemicals, medicines, fertilizers, feed granules, grains, spices, coal, etc.

Rotor Beater Mill CR200

Working Principle

Samples enter the center of the grinding chamber through the hopper and are crushed by the rotor and sieve through a combination of impact and shear forces. When the sample size becomes smaller than the sieve's aperture size, it is directed into the receiving container. The mill door features a quick-locking design, providing easy access to the grinding chamber for convenient cleaning and rapid maintenance.

Rotor Beater Mill CR200


Rotor Beater Mill CR200

180° bottom sieves

Suitable for soft, medium hard shell grain samples

Rotor Beater Mill CR200

360°bottom sieves:

Suitable for soft and brittle grain samples

Rotor Beater Mill CR200

Rotor for CR200:

Mainly used for crushing grain, for example: wheat, corn, soybean.

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- Adjustable speed ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 RPM to accommodate various application requirements.
- Maximum feed size of 25 mm.
- Achieves a final fineness of d90 < 50 µm.
- Equipped with a 180-degree sieve suitable for hard samples like grains with shells.
- Features a 360-degree sieve suitable for medium-hard, ductile, and fibrous samples.
- Provides a defined final fineness, thanks to sieves with aperture sizes ranging from 0.08 to 10.0 mm.
- A strong airflow generated by the high rotational speed rapidly cools the sample and aids in sample collection and cleaning of the grinding chamber.
- Easy cleaning facilitated by exchangeable push-fit grinding sieves and rotors.

Connect cyclone separator, small volume sample receiver

When Rotor Beater Mill CR200 is paired with a cyclone separator, it becomes well-suited for processing lightweight or small-volume samples. The inclusion of a cyclone separator broadens the Rotor Beater Mill's range of applications. This enhancement not only efficiently addresses heat transfer issues during the grinding process, making cleaning a straightforward task, but also enhances the consistency and reproducibility of grinding outcomes.

Rotor Beater Mill CR200
Rotor Beater Mill CR200
Feed size
Final fineness
Collector capacity
Peripheral speed
Grinding chamber material
stainless steel, 1.1740 steel, hardened steel
Rated power
Power supply
380V,50/60Hz (110V Also available upon request)
Instrument size
Package size
Net weight
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