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Marine Oils Testing Equipment - Rusting Characteristics of Oils

Rusting Characteristics of Oils

Rusting Characteristics of Oils TT-665

Rusting Characteristics of Oils TT-665 conforms to the ASTM D665 Standard Test Method for Rust-Preventing Characteristics of Inhibited Mineral Oil in the Presence of Water. 

Rusting Characteristics of Oils TT-665 evaluates the ability of inhibited mineral oils, particularly steam-turbine oils, to help prevent the rusting of ferrous parts if water mixes with the oil. This test method is also used for testing other oils, such as hydraulic oils and circulating oils. The procedure includes provisions for testing fluids that are heavier than water.

1. The equipment features low-noise, high-torque electrical motors, ensuring thorough stirring and precise rotation speed.

2. It can conduct four sets of experiments simultaneously, significantly enhancing testing efficiency and saving time.

3. The device utilizes electrical motors to stir the constant-temperature bath, ensuring fast and uniform temperature control.

4. Equipped with a digital display temperature controller, it is easy to operate with high precision temperature control.

5. Heating output is achieved through solid-state relays, eliminating contact, sparks, and noise. This ensures a long lifespan and reliable safety.

6. The heater is made of stainless steel, providing fast heating and a long lifespan.

7. Designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind, it ensures safe operation while maintaining an appealing appearance.

1. Rated voltage: AC220V±10%, 50Hz. (110V also available)

2. Heating power: 2100W.

3. Temperature control mode: LCD.

4. Temperature control point: 60°C±0.5°C.

5. Sensor: Pt100 RTD.

6. Bath holes: 4.

7. Sample agitation speed: 1000RPM±50RPM.

8. Bath stirring mechanism: electrical motor.

9. Ambient requirements: Temperature 10~40°C; Humidity ≤85%.

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