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Benchtop Scopex Pilot Series Gold And Precious Metal Analyzer - ScopeX PG5 Gold Analyzer for High-end Recycling

ScopeX PG5 Gold Analyzer for High-end Recycling

A good helper for precious metal recycling

ScopeX PG5 Gold Analyzer for High-end Recycling is precision testing equipment tailored for the gold recycling industry.

ScopeX PG5 Gold Analyzer for High-end Recycling features an integrated design, housing an industrial control computer and a spacious sample chamber. It swiftly and accurately determines the purity and composition of gold and other precious metals, effectively detecting adulterants like tungsten, iridium, and rhenium. This ensures the precision of the recycling process, safeguarding recyclers from financial losses stemming from misjudgment while enhancing overall efficiency.

Featuring a user-friendly interface, ScopeX PG5 Gold Analyzer for High-end Recycling streamlines the testing process, enabling even novices to operate it with ease. Its high-precision test results offer reliable quality assurance for gold recyclers and establish a transparent foundation for transactions between buyers and sellers.

ScopeX PG5 Gold Analyzer for High-end Recycling
ScopeX PG5 Gold Analyzer for High-end Recycling

Recycling material analysis in gold refiner / jewelry factory

The gold analyzer serves as a pivotal piece of equipment in ensuring the quality of recycled material within gold refineries and jewelry factories. It swiftly and accurately analyzes the purity and composition of recycled gold, enabling refineries to efficiently assess the value of raw materials and refine their processes. Moreover, the high accuracy of the XRF gold analyzer contributes to reduced environmental pollution while enhancing productivity and product quality. For jewelry factories, the XRF precious metal analyzer ensures precise ratios of recycled materials, guaranteeing the fineness and quality of jewelry pieces.

ScopeX PG5 Gold Analyzer for High-end Recycling

Trade-in or recycling tests in gold shop / jewelry showroom

The gold analyzer is an essential tool for trade-in or recycling services offered in gold shops and jewelry showrooms. It delivers precise purity and composition analysis, ensuring fairness and transparency in transactions.

ScopeX PG5 Gold Analyzer for High-end Recycling

Evaluation of the pawn value of precious metals and jewelry in pawnshop

Pawnshops rely on accurate assessment of the purity, composition, and value of precious metals and jewelry to ensure fair and secure trading. Gold analyzers swiftly identify the authenticity and purity of gold, platinum, palladium, and other precious metals, facilitating precise evaluations of precious metals and jewelry. This helps prevent economic losses due to miscalculations and reduces the risk of adulteration and counterfeit items.

ScopeX PG5 Gold Analyzer for High-end Recycling

Other precious metal recycling composition analysis

Various recycling channels, including banks, individuals, and small recyclers, require accurate composition analysis technology to ensure the quality of recycling for precious metal products such as gold and gold-plated electronic waste.

Non-destructive test(NDT)

In the initial stages, there's no need to process samples. Instead, achieve nondestructive testing of precious metals simply, conveniently, and quickly.

Accurate and fast

Identification of precious metal composition can be swiftly completed within seconds to minutes.

A/S service

Our hotline is available 24/7, ensuring quick and professional responses to guarantee customers' peace of mind.

High accuracy

XRF technology delivers reliable purity and composition data with an accuracy of up to 0.03% (999 gold).

Perfect safety protection

Various safety protection mechanisms, including a high-voltage safety lock (with automatic interlock), software-enabled opening cover, anti-leakage protection switch, and an all-metal closed shell, fundamentally ensure the personal safety of operators. These measures help prevent radiation exposure resulting from accidental operation.

One-click intelligent operation

The entire analysis process can be completed in just a few seconds. The operation is simple and can be easily mastered by non-technical personnel.

Sample flexibility

Various sample forms, including small parts such as joints, buttons, inlays, and gem supports, can be easily tested.

Equipped with Bluetooth printer

A Bluetooth printer is provided for wireless printing. Users can simply click the 'Print' button to quickly obtain reports and data.

Sample chamber size
Detection range
Multi languages including English
Si-Pin detector
Optical structure
Tube window
Glass window
Equipped with 1.5mm collimator to reduce background noise, improve resolution and accuracy.
±0.03%(999 gold)
Built-in computer
Computer parameter
I5 quad-core + win11
Data printing
Bluetooth printer
ScopeX PG5 adopts curve calibration method and fundamental parameter(FP) method to remove background difference, reduce error and improve test accuracy.
One-click test button
‘Place the sample- -close the top cover- one-click test- -view the results’ operation is simple for non-technical personnel to analyze by themselves.
The built-in 5-megapixel HD CMOS color camera can not only provide users with intuitive sample positioning and image recording function, but also ensure that the X-ray accurately illuminate to the target area, improving the operation accuracy.
Power supply
AC 220V±5V 50Hz (110V also available)
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