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Coating Thickness Analyzer - ScopeX PILOT Coating Thickness Analyzer

ScopeX PILOT Coating Thickness Analyzer

The ScopeX PILOT Coating Thickness Analyzer uses a top-down analysis approach, featuring advanced Multi-FP algorithm software, microlight aggregation technology, and a high-sensitivity zoom distance measurement device. This setup enables swift, precise, and non-destructive testing on surfaces that are uneven, irregular, or minuscule.

Analyzing coating thickness has become a vital aspect of the processing industry and quality inspection in surface engineering. It serves as a crucial method to ensure products meet quality standards. To globalize products, specific requirements regarding coating thickness are mandated for China’s exports and foreign-related projects.

Addressing challenges in controlling product quality during surface treatment processes and screening in the coating sector is easily manageable with the ScopeX PILOT Coating Thickness Analyzer. It finds extensive application in industries such as jewelry, electroplating, automotive, hardware, bathroom fixtures, aerospace, electronic semiconductor, and more.

ScopeX PILOT Coating Thickness Analyzer

>5 layers

Number of testable coating layers


Multiple collimators are optional and flexible


No damage or effect on the performance of tested objects

ScopeX PILOT Coating Thickness Analyzer


ScopeX PILOT Coating Thickness Analyzer

Small hardware parts

ScopeX PILOT Coating Thickness Analyzer


ScopeX PILOT Coating Thickness Analyzer

Auto parts

ScopeX PILOT Coating Thickness Analyzer

Printed Circuit Boards

ScopeX PILOT Coating Thickness Analyzer

Electronic Component

Optional microfocal X-ray device

Capable of easily and accurately analyzing diverse tiny samples.

Multi-collimator / filters

The software can either optionally select multiple filters and collimators or automatically switch to the optimal combination. This greatly boosts the instrument's versatility, enabling flexible analysis of parts of varying sizes.

Down-to-top design

Measure from bottom to top without requiring specific focusing. Attain efficient measurement of coating samples.

NDT(Non-destructive testing)

XRF analysis is non-destructive to samples, ensuring safety even for sensitive materials.

Zoom device

Various specially shaped concave parts can be tested, with the measurement range of groove depth extending from 0 to 30 mm.

High-precision manual X-Y platform

Furnished with a high-precision manual X-Y platform, featuring an accuracy of up to 25 μm, facilitating more convenient micro-area measurements.

One-touch measurement

The instrument features intuitive and intelligent analysis software, ensuring ease of operation. Testing samples requires no training; simply click "Start Test", and results are available within seconds.

Range of element
Analysis of the layer number of
5 layers (4 layers + substrate) each layer can analyze 10 elements, composition analysis can analyze up to 25 elements
X-ray tube
50 W (50 kV, 1mA) micro-focused tungsten palladium ray tube (target material is optional)
The detector
Si-Pin detector, high sensitivity SDD detector(optional)
The camera
High resolution CMOS color camera, 5 megapixels
Manual sample XY platform
Moving range:50x50 mm
Fixed primary filter, multi-filter(optional)
Sample room size
Power supply
AC 220V±5V 50Hz (110V also available)
Rated power
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