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Environmental Test Chamber - Thermal Shock Test Chamber

Thermal Shock Test Chamber

TT3TS Series Thermal Shock Test Chamber is just one chamber for the test room, it circulates cold and hot air through the pneumatic damper on the left and right sides. This design makes external size smaller, and this 3TS series thermal shock chamber is pre-heated and pre-cooled to achieve faster test temperature.

The test chamber can pre-record the programs so that customers can start to test only click program numbers. Standard and custom models meet different requirements.

Key Feature

  • Inner chamber material: stainless steel plate Shell material: Stainless steel with texture treatment or high-quality cold rolled steel plate with static injection
  • Pneumatic damper type thermal shock chamber
  • Temperature recovery time less than 15 minutes
  • Heater: Ni-chrome electric heater
  • Humidifier: stainless steel electric vapor generation type UL-type humidifier
  • Mechanical compression refrigeration system
  • Casters, shelf, and cable port are standard
  • Lamp inside of chamber
  • Ethernet and USB(option)
  • Large viewing window
  • Adjustable and removable sample shelves
  • Safety protection system
  • Refrigerating system

  • Refrigerant: environment-friendly R404 refrigerant
  • Closed-type and low-noise rotor compressor
  • Refrigeration mode: machinery compression single-step refrigeration (air-cooled condenser) and machinery compression dual cascade system refrigeration
  • R404 refrigerant: environmental protection refrigerants
  • Control system:

  • Touch-type temperature and humidity programmable controller
  • Operating interface: LCD display
  • Temperature and humidity controller: touch-type LCD controller
  • Setting mode: touching type
  • Running mode: setting-up running and programmed running
  • Program: 100 groups in 100 segments
  • Resolution: temperature: ± 0.1 ℃; humidity: ± 1%RH
  • Input: platinum thermal resistance
  • Control mode: PID control
  • Communication function: LAN network interface
  • Additional function: alarm and display function, power-off protection function, upper limit temperature alarm function, timing function (auto start and auto stop), self-diagnosis function, curve record and display function, paperless record, USB data export, tele-monitoring and so on.
  • It can execute 100 STEP X 10 PATTEM mode.
  • Each section can be grouped and executed in crossing way.
  • The execution time for each section can be set up between 0-999H plus 59min.
  • For setting up for each group, it can circulate within 1-999 in part or entirely for option.
  • In execution, it can select group circle picture or section execution picture and can know the remaining time for execution.
  • It has power-off function. After power recovery, it can complete the remained test.
  • It can select single-section control or multi-section programmable control.
  • The screen has backlight time control function and it can adjust the backlight brightness.
  • For executing single-section control, it can change the execution value at will. The memory-type multi-function control has automatic control output functions, such as heating heater and humidifying heater for electromechanical solenoid valve for different groups of refrigerating compressors and so on
  • Safety Device

  • Humidifier dry-combustion protection, independent over-temperature protection, water shortage protection, over-current protection, refrigerant high-pressure protection switch, over-current circuit breaker, earth leakage protection and so on.
  • Operation ambient temperature: 5 ~ 30℃
  • Power supplyAC220±10%V 50±0.5Hz single-phase double-wire + protective grounding wire/ AC380±10%V 50±0.5Hz three-phase four-wire+ protective grounding wire (other voltage option with extra cost for transformer)
  • Standard Accessories

    1 cable hole (Φ50mm), with plug; 2 shelves

    2.Sample Shelf
    3.Cable Hole
    The internal material is 304 stainless steel, mirror surface, rust-proof to high and low temperature and moisture corrosion; Nice ruggedness and long life. It is just one chamber for test room, it circulates cold and hot air through the pneumatic damper on the left and right sides This design makes external size smaller.
    SUS304 stainless steel punching sample shelf 2pcs; Standard load of 50KGS for each layer of sample shelf; The height of the shelf is adjustable and can be removed directly to facilitate the various sizes of test samples. Conducive to the air circulation.
    A standard test hole, located at top of the work room, is provided with a sleeve inside to prevent moisture from entering the insulation layer. Equipped with flange. The standard inner hole diameter is 50mm. Soft silicone plug seal; Metal enclosure closed, beautiful designed

    4.Viewing Window
    PID programmable color touch screen controller, network connection computer. It can edit 100 programs 100 segments. LIB also can preset program into the controller based on user testing requirements. The set system language is English for standard.
    PID programmable color touch screen controller, network connection computer. Can edit 100 programs 100 segment. LIB also can preset program into the controller based on user testing requirements. The set system language is English for standard.
    Install 4 castors for ease moving, and with brakes function. Caster height adjustable.

    10cm thick polyurethane foam and insulation cotton; Better insulation performance, degradation resistance, environmental protection, noise reduction.

    Core Function
    Cooling System

    After the liquid refrigerant absorbs the heat of the cooled object in the evaporator, it is vaporized into low-temperature and low-pressure steam, sucked by the compressor, compressed into high-pressure high-temperature steam, discharged into the condenser, and radiated to the cooling medium in the condenser, condensed into a high-pressure liquid, throttling through a throttle valve into a low-pressure low-temperature refrigerant, and again entering the evaporator to absorb heat and vaporize, to achieve the purpose of cycle refrigeration. In this way, the refrigerant completes a refrigeration cycle through four basic processes of evaporation, compression, condensation, and throttling in the system.
    Air Circulation

    The centrifugal fan is installed at the rear of the chamber body, and the air is uniformly distributed through the air outlet. Air circulation adopts air outlet at top and air return at bottom, and the wind speed and pressure are in compliance with the test standard, and the temperature is stabilized at the moment of switching. The high-quality centrifugal fan is used to strongly supply air circulation, making the temperature distribution in the test area uniform.
    Controller System

    The PID controller as the main control unit to command, operate, detect and redistribute the various components of the equipment to achieve maximum effective use. The temperature control adopts P.I.D. S.S.R. system synchronous coordinated control, which can improve the stability and life of the control components and interface. Screen display function: LCD display, which can display test conditions (including temperature section, cycle number, running time and remaining time, etc.).
    Temperature Sensor

    PT-100 Class A sensor, real-time accurate detection and display of temperature changes at 0.001 degrees
    Wiring System

    Voltage 380V 50Hz 3 phase.

    L1, L2, L3, PE, N, grounding protection.

    Standard 2m long cable

    Protection System
    Over Temperature Protection
    Over Current Protection
    Refrigerant High Pressure Protection
    Earth Leakage Protection
    Phase Sequence Protection
    Sample Shelf
    Quantity can be increased
    Special sample shelf can be customized
    Power Cords
    Test Hole
    Diameter 100mm
    Diameter 125mm
    Shape and size can be customized
    Demineral Water Device
    Capacitive Temperature Sensor
    Observation Window
    Size can be customized
    Inner glass door
    Hand-in ports
    Reverse Osmosis Unit
    WiFi connection
    Mobile APP control
    Multi-language controller interface: Russian, French, Polish, Romanian, German
    Interior Volume
    Loading Capacity
    Pre-heat Room
    Upper limit Temperature
    Heating Time
    Ambient ~ +200°C, within 30 minutes
    Pre-cool Room
    Lower limit Temperature
    Cooling time
    Ambient ~ -70°C, within 30 minutes
    Test room
    High Temperature Exposure Range
    Ambient +20 ~ +200°C
    Low temperature Exposure Range
    -65 ~ -5°C
    Temperature Fluctuation
    ≤±0.5 °C
    Temperature Deviation
    ≤±3 °C
    Cooling System
    Mechanical compression refrigeration system
    Refrigerating Unit
    French TECUMSEH compressor
    R404A, R23
    Heating Element
    Nichrome heater
    Programmable color LCD touch screen controller
    Ethernet connection, PC Link
    Temperature Sensor
    PTR Platinum Resistance PT100Ω/MV A-class, accuracy 0.001°C
    View Window Size(mm)
    250 x 280
    300 x 300
    Air Circulation
    Centrifugal wind fan
    Safety Device

    Over-temperature Protection; Over-current Protection;

    Refrigerant High-pressure Protection; Earth leakage Protection

    Exterior Material
    Steel Plate with protective coating
    Interior Material
    SUS304 stainless steel
    Thermal Insulation
    Polyurethane foam and insulation cotton
    Observation Window
    Interior lighting, double-layer thermo stability silicone rubber sealing
    Standard Configuration
    1 Cable hole (Φ 50,) with plug; 2 shelves
    Power Supply
    380V 50HZ (60hz with optional transformer)
    Maximum Noise
    65 dBA
    Environmental Conditional
    5°C ~ +35°C ≤85% RH
    Internal Dimensions (mm)
    Overall Dimension (mm)
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