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Torontech Announces the Launch of Its Automatic Vicat Tester



To rely on the strength of the materials used to construct the buildings we live and work in, we need to be able to test its resilience under extreme conditions. Vicat testing is used to determine the point at which materials such as cement paste, mortar, and hard plastic are expected to weaken at elevated temperatures.

When a material has no definite melting point, Torontech’s Automatic Vicat Tester measures the softening point of a sample, the temperature at which a flat-ended needle is able to penetrate the material. Our Vicat Tester is designed to automatically apply force to the sample while it records the depth of the needle, performing the test six times simultaneously to obtain the most dependable results.

This machine works independently without constant monitoring by an operator, is able to run tests under 90% humidity, and tests according to ASTM C191 standards.

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