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Torontech Announces the Launch of Its Model TT-V Ultrasonic Crawler System

Torontech Ulrasonic Crawler TT-V

Sometimes, in order to inspect large-scale equipment such as storage tanks, testers need to access remote and hard-to-reach places. Ultrasonic crawler systems were developed for this purpose and are able to effectively scale and measure the thickness of pipes and storage tank walls that would be otherwise inaccessible.

Torontech’s state-of-the-art Model TT-V ultrasonic crawler system is an advanced, lightweight, modular crawler that can be remotely steered with precise maneuverability to inspect vertical and horizonal metal surfaces with ease.

A 30.5 meter umbilical cable gives the Model TT-V impressive range, and the crawler is able to grip metal surfaces even through multiple layers of paint, with a unique design that allows it to easily traverse obstructions such as weld joints and patched areas. The Model TT-V is able to take continuous thickness measurements, ensuring that even the most difficult-to-measure equipment meets the highest quality standards.

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