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Torontech Contributes to the Research Capacity of a Major Iraqi Scientific Institution

Whether it’s for creating innovative new alloys, improving manufacturing processes, or advancing the development of extraction methods, researchers need access to the best metallurgical microscopes to study the microstructure of metals.

At Torontech, we provide a wide range of metallurgical microscopes, including portable microscopes for easy metallographic inspection and photography, as well as stationary inverted microscopes and table-top reversed microscopes for viewing and measuring the surfaces of metals and for crystallographic analysis. 

As a testament to our equipment’s reliability and modern design, Torontech recently sold four metallurgical microscopes to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to support metallurgy at the Technical Institute of Kirkuk in Iraq.

This will help increase the capacity of Iraq’s metallurgists to conduct research into the development of advanced materials, which has the potential to make a significant contribution to Iraq’s scientific and manufacturing capabilities.

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