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Torontech Supplies German Company With State-of-the-Art Air Entrainment Meter

In the process of pouring concrete, excess water is often trapped within the mix as it hardens, which eventually evaporates and leaves behind porous cavities. These cavities create weaknesses in the concrete that compromise its structural integrity during seasonal changes. To ensure companies are laying durable, sustainable concrete that accounts for freezing and thawing cycles, an air entrainment meter is used to measure the amount of air that is trapped within the mix.

Air Entrainment meters from Torontech uses a pressure chamber to measure the air content of freshly mixed mortar. Torontech recently supplied one of our Air Entrainment meters to a German manufacturer with global operations, which will help them expand their R&D facilities and improve their production of construction chemicals that are used in cements, mortars, and various leveling compounds.

Torontech offers Air Entrainment meters in different capacities adhering to DIN EN 459-2, DIN EN413-2, ASTM C 185, and other international standards. These meters feature a pressure gauge with Class 1.0 accuracy and are specially designed for easy storage on top of any workstation. Operators can conduct tests with either a manual hand-operated pump or a built-in electrical mini compressor that automatically provides reliable and effective results.

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