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Torontech Introduces Its Effective TT-Cut Series of Metallography Abrasive Cutters

Tensile Sample Milling Machine - TTMill

Metallography Abrasive Cutting is a technique used to cut almost any material, ranging from soft aluminum and hardened steels to various ceramics and mineral samples, into precise shapes. In order to minimize heat during this process, which can cause microstructural damages to a specimen and reduce the quality of the final product, the cutting equipment must have a sturdy foundation, an effective coolant system, and be equipped with a high-quality blade to achieve the most consistent results.

Torontech offers the TT-Cut Series of Metallography Abrasive Cutters. These durable floor models have a wide cross-cutting zone, which gives the machines the flexibility to perform extensive sideways movement to configure a wide variety of products. The TT-Cut series features an aluminium-cast base and is equipped with a large viewing window, ample side apertures for accommodating long samples, and optimal cooling with four high-flow-rate water jets.

With the TT-Cut Series, operators have the safest, most straightforward metallography cutters on the market.

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