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Torontech Announces the Launch of Its Tensile Lathe I

Sample Preparation Machine - TT-Tensile Lathe I

When a manufacturer needs to test a material for its durability, samples must be prepared by specialized machines to undergo tensile strength testing. For this purpose, Torontech offers the Sample Preparation Machine – TT-Tensile Lathe I, a sample preparation machine that is configured for testing a diverse range of metal and non-metal materials.

The Sample Preparation Machine – TT-Tensile Lathe I is a compact numerical control lathe with a rapid feed speed of 6000mm/min and the ability to maintain spindle speeds of 4000 rpm. With a user-friendly interface and a built-in cover that protects the operator from debris, this equipment will help companies increase the efficiency and safety of their testing operations.

By offering such effective testing equipment, Torontech helps ensure that manufacturers around the world continue to use the most resilient materials to produce the highest quality products.

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