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Torontech is Pleased to Offer Its X-Ray Generators

X-ray Generators Tubes - X-ray Flaw Detectors

X-rays are the most extensive non-destructive technique for scanning and imaging, whether companies are testing the solidity of the materials that support infrastructure, or undertaking medical imaging procedures such as computed tomography.

X-ray generators and tubes are often used to scan behind the surfaces of structures to detect defects and flaws in resources such as pipelines, high-pressure containers, boilers, airplane hauls, vehicles, and bridges.

Torontech is pleased to offer its X-ray generators and tubes to help companies determine the durability of seals as small as welds, and expose the inner flaws of components made of materials such as aluminum, plastics, and steel.

Our X-ray generator/tube TTQ/TTG series are lightweight and small in size, with a wide range of voltage classes (including 320 kV, 450 kV, and 600 kV) and an excellent working time to rest time ratio (1:1), which significantly reduces operation time.

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