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Torontech Introduces Its Top-of-the-line Ultra Temperature Chest

Xenon Arc Weathering Test Chamber

When a company needs to test a material under conditions that simulate extreme real-world requirements, Ultra Temperature Chests offer the most effective means of subjecting samples to a multitude of temperature and humidity levels to greatly enhance understanding of the durability of materials.

With the ability to reach any temperature up to 300℃, Torontech’s Ultra Temperature Chest is made from stainless steel plates that are corrosion resistant and its protection module is able to withstand up to 500V to ensure safe voltage and protect the operator from high temperatures.

Our Ultra Temperature Chest consists of a closed-type compressor unit, a touch-screen interface, and the most powerful and reliable PLC in the industry. Torontech has also equipped its Ultra Temperature Chests with state-of-the-art air supply and circulation system to guarantee the uniformity of test results for laboratory and manufacturing applications.

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