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Torontech’s Charpy Impact Tester Helps the Ministry of Oil in Iraq Meet International Standards

Pendulum Impact Tester for Metals

To determine the strength of metals used in manufacturing, companies typically analyze materials by subjecting samples to impact testing. The most effective method for evaluating metals is through Charpy pendulum impact testing, which uses a swinging pendulum to break a specimen with a single blow in order to record the energy absorbed in the impact.

To help companies perform this test, Torontech offers the TT-AIT Series of Charpy Impact Testers, which have rigid, integrated assemblies that prevent elastic energy loss that often occurs in the testing process. Torontech recently delivered a Charpy Impact Tester to the North Gas Company in Iraq.

The software for this equipment facilitates fully automated testing, providing this company with the capacity to gain accurate and repeatable results for a wide range of metallic materials.

With a solid, one-piece construction and a vibration-free base, Torontech’s Charpy Impact Tester will help ensure that the North Gas Company, a division of the Ministry of Oil in Iraq, uses steel that meets international ASTM and ISO specifications.

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