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Torontech’s Air Entrainment Meter Helps Guarantee the Strength of Concrete

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When setting concrete, companies must be careful to refine the mortar mix for safety and durability. If excess water is trapped within the mix as it hardens, it eventually evaporates and leaves behind porous cavities. These pores create weaknesses in the concrete during freeze-thaw cycles, which can result in large cracks that compromise the integrity of the concrete.

To ensure this is avoided, Torontech provides companies with its state-of-the-art air entrainment meters, which are used to measure the amount of air that is trapped within the mix. Designed in accordance with the air pressure compensation principle, pressure is first generated inside a testing chamber, which then drops to determine the air content in the mortar.

With both manual and automatic models available, Torontech’s user-friendly design ensures that the operator doesn’t require extensive training or technical expertise. Our air entrainment meter adheres to the most stringent industry standards, including DIN EN 459-2, DIN EN413-2, ASTM C 185, and many more.

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