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Torontech Supports Industry Pipeline Safety Standards with Its Pipeline Crawler

X-Ray Pipe Line Crawlers TT-XRC300-AWD

To maintain the safety and security of oil pipelines, companies need to detect the quality of welding in long-distance pipelines in real-time to preemptively identify any upcoming issues.

Recently, Torontech delivered one of its TT-XRC X-Ray Pipeline Crawlers to a leading industrial services company in the construction, maintenance, and monitoring of pressurized piping and associated systems. TT-XRC Series X-Ray Pipeline Crawlers from Torontech are safe, efficient, and easy to operate and maintain.

With reliability in even the harshest environmental conditions, TT-XRC X-Ray Pipeline Crawlers have the ability to determine the integrity of pipelines with high-quality radiographic tests and accurate imaging capabilities. All our crawlers are manufactured with the highest grade of materials to provide excellent results and long lifespan in a high-priority industry application.

For more information, please see TT-XRC X-Ray Pipeline Crawlers product page.

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