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Torontech’s Efficient Densimeter Testers Analyze Large Materials with Ease

Bulk Densimeter for Powder Metallurgy

Torontech offers efficient densimeter testers to analyze density accurately. Explore our reliable solutions for precise material characterization and perfect analysis!

To lower the costs of manufacturing, companies are increasingly relying on powder metallurgy in order to reduce the amount of materials required to create complex components.

Instead of using traditional methods, manufacturers are now heating or “sintering” metallic powders to create bonds between particles, reducing the need to use an alternative, higher-cost machining processes. To ensure that these products meet international safety requirements, companies must measure the sintered materials’ density to guarantee the quality of these components.

Torontech offers the most efficient and cost-effective densimeter solutions on the market. The Bulk Densimeter TTDM series of testers have the capacity to measure the bulk density, effective porosity, wet density, oil content, and volume of a wide variety of powder metallurgy products. Torontech recently delivered one of these densimeters to Green Sinter Metallurgical Products, a leader in the metallurgy powder field, which will help them to ensure that their products are high-quality and durable.

Meeting ASTM D297-93, D792-00, D618, D891, ISO 2781, JISK6530, and GB/T1033, Torontech’s Bulk Densimeter TTDM testers produce the most rigorous results for testing powder metallurgy. For more information, please check here or call us at +1 416 368 2721.

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