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Torontech Supplies Its State-of-the-Art Concrete Testers Worldwide

Vicat Needle

To determine the strength of materials used in construction, companies can analyze specimens using penetration tests to determine the quality of the final product. To conduct these tests, Torontech Torontech supplies its state-of-the-art concrete testers for accurate analysis. 

One of the top product in this category is Automatic Vicat Needle tester. Designed to meet stringent international standards, including DIN 1164/EN196/BS 4550/ASTM C187-191/DIN 1168, the Automatic Vicat Needle tester is the best solution for establishing the initial and final setting time of cement, mortar pastes, and gypsum.

Torontech recently delivered one of its Automatic Vicat Needle testers to a leading construction firm in Asia, which will enable them to examine the penetration behaviour of cement paste samples, under several different conditions.

Torontech continues to supply the global demand for top-of-the-line testers, for the construction industry, medical sector, pharmaceutical community, and more.

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