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Ultra UV-VIS Spectrophotometer- TT-UV- 6600A

Ultra UV-VIS Spectrophotometer utilizes 1800/mm holographic grating and advanced dual-monochromatic optic design, which provides the instrument with an extremely low stray light (≤0.003%T), offers precise test result and wider linear range. Ultra-6600A contains high-performance Deuterium and tungsten lamps, owning longer service life and small maintenance cost.

  • Unique dual-monochromatic optical design
  • PPM-level ultra-low stray light ≤0.0003%T
  • Double –beam, higher durability
  • Linear range up to 5Abs, accurate test for high-concentrated samples without pre-dilution
  • 0.1nm optical resolution with six options for spectral bandwidth selection
  • Test with ±0.3nm wavelength accuracy ensures confidence
  • The 6-segment optical splitting system guarantees accuracy and stability
  • 190-900nm wavelength range
  • High precision processes and high-quality techniques achieve higher durability
  • Wavelength Range (nm): 190-900
  • Spectral Bandwidth (nm): 0.1 / 0.2 / 0.5 / 1 / 2 / 4
  • Stray Light: ≤ 0.0003%T
  • Wavelength Accuracy (nm): ±0.3 (HO2O3 Solution)
  • Wavelength Reproducibility (nm): 0.1 HO2O3 Solution
  • Photometric Range (Abs):  5
  • Photometric Accuracy:
  • ±0.002Abs(0~0.5A)
  • ±0.004Abs(0.5~1A)
  • ±0.3%T(0~100%T)
  • Photometric Reproducibility:
  • 0.001A(0~0.5A)
  • 0.002A(0.5~1A)
  • Baseline Flatness (Abs): ±0.0008Abs
  • Baseline Drift (Abs/Hr): 0.0003 (250nm/500nm, 2.5h preheat)
  • Noise: ±0.0002Abs (250nm/500nm, 0.5 preheat)
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