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Bitumen and Asphalt Testing Equipment - Vacuum Distillation Apparatus

Vacuum Distillation Apparatus

Vacuum Distillation Apparatus TT-1160

Vacuum Distillation Apparatus TT-1160  adheres to the ASTM D1160 Standard Test Method for Distillation of Petroleum Products at Reduced Pressure. 

Vacuum Distillation Apparatus TT-1160 is utilized for measuring, at reduced pressures, the range of boiling points for petroleum products and biodiesel that can be partially or completely vaporized at a maximum liquid temperature of 400°C. The apparatus comprises a distillation column, pressure detecting system, receiver cabin, vacuum pump, cold trap, refrigeration unit, press, and other components.

1. High precision thin diaphragm vacuum differential pressure gauge replaces mercury differential pressure gauge.

2. Digital LCD displays pressure results clearly.

3. High precision needle valve controls pressure.

4. Temperature display: digital temperature controller.

5. PID temperature control technology ensures temperature accuracy, with precision within ±0.1℃.

6. Pressure range: 760mmHg to 0.1mmHg.

7. Portable-type electric furnace regulation device for easy operation.

8. The receiver is equipped with a flow nappe, ensuring a more equal flow rate.

1. Applicable standards: ASTM D1160 and ISO6616.

2. Heating power: 1200W.

3. Temperature sensor: Glass Pt100.

4. Pressure display: Digital display.

5. Pressure adjustment method: Precision needle valve.

6. Cooling temperature: Below -45℃.

7. Cooling method: Imported compressor refrigeration.

8. Water level control: Alarm.

9. Temperature control method: PID precision temperature control instrument.

10. Cycle method: Circulating method.

11. Cooling mode: Air cooling.

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