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Disc Mills - Vibratory Disc Mill VM3

Vibratory Disc Mill VM3

Feed size:<15mm

Final fineness:<75μm


The Vibratory Disc Mill is primarily employed for preparing samples for spectral analysis. This equipment is particularly well-suited for rapidly grinding medium-hard, brittle, and fibrous materials to achieve analytical fineness without any loss.

Ceramics and glass: Oxide ceramics, glass
Building materials: Cement, stone, concrete
Environmental sector: Soil, paving stone, slag
Minerals & Metallurgy: Coal, coke, corundum, ore, slag

Working Principle

The Vibratory Disc Mill crushes samples through pressure, impact, and friction. It firmly attaches the grinding set to the vibrating plate using a quick-action clamping device. The vibrating plate then generates intense three-dimensional vibrations, resulting in significant impact, friction, and grinding forces acting on the grinding set. These forces are concentrated on the samples, quickly turning them into powder.

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  • Very brief grinding duration.
  • Excellent ultimate fineness (d95 < 75μm).
  • Speed adjustable from 700 to 1500rpm.
  • Quick-action clamping mechanism for the grinding set.
  • A variety of materials available for grinding sets.
  • Automatic speed reduction to 700rpm with agate recognition.
  • Feed size
    Final fineness
    Time setting
    00:01-99:59 (min/s)
    Batch quantity
    The volume of the grinding set
    Grinding set material
    hardened steel, tungsten carbide, agate (speed 700rpm), zirconium oxide
    Rated power
    Power supply
    220V, 50Hz/60Hz (110V Also available upon request)
    Instrument size (W*D*H)
    Package size (W*D*H)
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