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Vibratory Feeder VF200

Feed size:<12 mm

Speed setting:0-50rpm

Time setting:01~99 min

The Vibratory Feeder VF200 is specifically engineered to streamline the automatic feeding of bulk particles or finely powdered samples. It's a perfect companion for the RSD200 Sample Divider and the FM200 Ultra Centrifugal Mill, both proudly manufactured by POWTEQ Company.

Engineering/electronics,agriculture, pharmaceuticals, chemical/synthetic materials, metallurgical, biological, food.

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The samples descend into the vibrating chute through the feed hopper. By fine-tuning the vibration frequency, you can alter the pace at which the samples move along the vibrating chute, which is essentially the sample feeding rate. Ultimately, the samples reach the desired device for the next stage of processing.

- Continuous adjustment of the feeding speed
- Simple installation and operation
- Consistent and steady feeding
- Effortless cleaning of the push-fit feed chute
- Digital parameters that can be pre-set

Feed size
Feed size
Speed setting
Speed setting
Time setting
01~99 min
Width of the chute
75/40 mm
Hopper volume
2.2 L
Rated power
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