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Dust and Rain Test Chamber - Water Spray Test Chamber

Water Spray Test Chamber

Rain test equipment is to test products storage, transport and use in the rain climate environment

Water ingress protection test chamber is used to perform the tests for testing the degree of protection provided by a product enclosure. The level of protection against water ingress is represented by an IP code. All LIB test chambers fully comply with IEC 60529 (IP Code standard) and other international standards.

The water spray Chamber built with a water re-circulation system that reduced water use and a series of water pipes. Incorporated rotating turntable can promote even spray of water over the surface of the products under testing. Automatic water supply ensures adequate supply of water and automatic testing. All models are upgrade to programmable controller and Ethernet access that provides simple operation and control. Various size and configuration to suit many types of test conditions.

IPx1 IPx2 IPx3 IPx4 Drip and Spray Water Test Chamber can perform tests in accordance with IEC60529, and IPX1 IPX2 IPX3 IPX4 protection code. The chambers built with the water tightness of sealed components such as head lamp, Power connector. Waterproof power connector in the test room can easily supply electricity to the specimens.

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  • Combined one chamber to do IPx1 IPx2 IPx3 IPx4 IP Rating tests
  • The capacity of 729 liters and 2700 liters, standard and cu
  • Protection against drip, spraying, and splashing water
  • Control and adjust the water flow
  • Eliminates water consumption by circulation unit
  • Waterproof power connector in the test room
  • Automatic water supply
  • Programmable color display touch screen controller
  • USB and Ethernet
  • A viewing window with wiper
  • Internal illumination in the test room
  • Safety protection system
  • Model
    Internal dimensions (mm)
    Overall dimensions (mm)
    Interior Volume (L)
    Oscillating tube radius
    Spraying hole diameter
    Hole spacing
    50 mm
    Swing angle of oscillating tube
    0 to ±180° (adjustable)
    Drip Tray
    IPX1 IPX2 drip nozzle diameter φ0.4mm
    Turntable rotation speed
    1r/min, or steeples speed regulating (optional)
    Programmable color LCD touch screen controller, Multi-language interface, Ethernet , USB
    Safety protection device
    Electric leakage, short circuit, motor overheating, over-current protection
    Exterior material
    Steel Plate with protective coating
    Interior material
    SUS304 stainless steel
    AC380V 50HZ
    Environmental Conditional
    5°C ~ +35°C ≤85% RH
    IEC 60529, ISO20653
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