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Auxiliary Machine For Plastic Recycling - Wood-Plastic Profile Extrusion Line TT-AWPC

Wood-Plastic Profile Extrusion Line TT-AWPC

Wood-Plastic Profile Extrusion Line TT-AWPC undergoes specialized processing using polyvinyl chloride resins and polyolefin plastics (such as straw, cotton stalks, wood powder, and rice bran) through a PP/PE wood decking profile machine. 

It represents a new type of environmentally friendly material, ideal for green applications. This material offers numerous advantages: it doesn't rot, deform, fade, attract pests, or succumb to fire; it resists cracking, sawing, and is easy to maintain. Not only does it retain the natural characteristics of wood, but it also offers multiple color options provided by manufacturers of WPC profile extrusion lines. The output from WPC decking profile extrusion and production lines finds extensive use in building decks, pathways, stairs, outdoor furniture like tables and chairs, flower stands, and more. Additionally, it can be applied indoors for door panels, linings, kitchen cabinets, trays, and various other purposes.


TT-AWPC Wood Plastic Formula

The formula for PP/PE wood plastic typically consists of 45% to 60% plant fiber, 4% to 6% inorganic filler, 25% to 35% plastic resin, 2.0% to 3.5% lubricant, 0.3% to 0.6% light stabilizer, 5% to 8% plasticizer, and 2.0% to 6.0% coupling agent.

The Processing Craft of Wood Plastic Products

Wood flooring involves several processes including WPC compounding, devolatilization, and extrusion molding using various devices. Initially, raw materials are thoroughly blended according to a formulated mixture, crafted into wood particles, and subsequently transformed into extruded wood-plastic flooring.

Wood Plastic Products Processing Extruder

The processing technology for wood plastic products commonly follows a two-step method. Initially, a parallel twin-screw extruder is utilized, followed by the extrusion of the final product using a conical twin-screw extruder.

Profile Extrusion Line TT-AWPC Performance and Advantages

With 20 years of experience in extruder manufacturing, we've independently developed three primary squeezing technologies, including the innovative five-co-host extrusion technique, enhancing the performance and appearance of wood-plastic products.

1. The barrel incorporates an aluminum casting ring for heating, coupled with an infrared heating and air cooling system for rapid and uniform heat transfer.
2. Different screws can be chosen based on varying formulations to achieve optimal plasticization.
3. The replacement box and distribution box feature special bearings, imported oil seals, and high-quality alloy steel gears treated with nitriding for durability.
4. Specially designed gearbox and distribution box reinforce thrust bearings, ensuring high drive torque and extended service life.
5. The vacuum molding table integrates a unique vortex current cooling system, simplifying the cooling process. Its specialized horizontal tilt control offers three-position adjustments for improved operational ease.
6. The tractor utilizes unique lift technology, incorporating up-and-down track back pressure control for seamless operation, high reliability, substantial traction, automatic cutting, and dust recovery capability.
7. Main auxiliary components use imported elements, guaranteeing stability and reliability for PP/PE wood decking profile machines during prolonged continuous operation.

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