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XRF And XRD Analyzers - YANG Family SW-XRF Analyzers

YANG Family SW-XRF Analyzers

Breaking through the detection limit of traditional XRF, the detection limit of ultra-trace elements in liquid, solid and thin film, it is realized with the detection limit as low as PPB.

Introducing YANG Family SW-XRF Analyzers, a cutting-edge line of XRF analysis instruments. These analyzers are designed for diverse applications, ranging from analyzing heavy metal elements in food and water to measuring sulfur content in various liquid oil products. Featuring compact, portable designs and advanced technologies like fog-proof, dust-proof, and shock-proof capabilities. 

YANG Family SW-XRF Analyzers ensure accurate, reliable results even in harsh environments. Equipped with special features such as two-way ventilation heat dissipation and multiple protective radiation treatments, these analyzers prioritize safety and performance. They also offer convenient features like mobile application control, Bluetooth printing, and customizable reporting. YANG Family SW-XRF Analyzers are ideal for a wide range of industries, including petrochemical enterprises, environmental protection supervision departments, and quality control departments, enabling efficient quality screening and law enforcement testing.


Portable, easy to operate, good for laboratory/field research


Lets you get the most accurate results as quickly as possible


Waterproof and dustproof box all-in-one machine design, easy to cope with the harsh outdoor environment.

Product Categories

Food Heavy Metal Analyzer

The Food Heavy Metal Analyzer is an XRF analytical instrument designed specifically for food safety. It's used to quickly detect cadmium, lead, mercury, and other heavy...

Soil Heavy Metal Analyzer

Soil Heavy Metal Analyzer with crystal grating spectrometer technology and advanced XRF analysis software. This...

Ultra-Low Sulfur Oil Analyzer

The YANG OIL Ultra-Low Sulfur Oil Analyzer is an XRF analysis instrument specially crafted for oil detection. It amalgamates...

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