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YANG Family SW-XRF Analyzers - Food Heavy Metal Analyzer

Food Heavy Metal Analyzer

The Food Heavy Metal Analyzer is an XRF analytical instrument designed specifically for food safety. It's used to quickly detect cadmium, lead, mercury, and other heavy metal elements in food. It integrates years of XRF research and development technology, crystal grating spectroscopic technology, and basic parameter methods, along with several high-end technologies. With its compact and portable design, easy operation, and fast, accurate results, it can significantly enhance on-site detection efficiency, ensuring food safety.

Food Heavy Metal Analyzer

Food reserves and circulation

Food Heavy Metal Analyzer

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Food Heavy Metal Analyzer

Government agency regulation

Food Heavy Metal Analyzer

Food safety certification


The waterproof and dustproof box (rated IP67 for waterproof and dustproof protection) features an all-in-one machine design, creating a portable testing platform. This allows for both field detection and laboratory analysis in a single device. With a one-button test function, it offers simple operation and automatic detection, eliminating the need for corrections. This setup facilitates free scientific research in both laboratory and field settings.


Food Heavy Metal Analyzer specially designed for rapid on-site analysis, this instrument is fog-proof, dust-proof, and shock-proof, making it adaptable to harsh environments.

Heat dissipation

The Food Heavy Metal Analyzer features a specialized two-way ventilation heat dissipation system to enhance its heat dissipation performance.


Food Heavy Metal Analyzer featuring professional multiple protective radiation treatments, including sample chamber radiation shielding measures and a safety linkage lock device, the instrument ensures no radiation leakage in any direction during measurement.

Cloud service

The Food Heavy Metal Analyzer comes with a mobile application service that enables synchronous control. This service allows for the operation of data, labels, and other information, facilitating transmission and management. It easily enables system data docking and sharing.

Data printing

With a portable Bluetooth printer included, the device can output data in both Excel and PDF formats. Users also have the capability to create customized reports.

Sampling system

The Food Heavy Metal Analyzer utilizes the sample side injection detection method, with the detector's beryllium window plane perpendicular to the direction of gravity. This reduces the risk of damage to the detector's beryllium window caused by grains, small particles, and surface contamination.

418 × 330 × 173mm(L×W×H)
Excitation source
Air cooled X-ray tube
X-ray tube target
Cu, Co, Cr, Fe, Ni, Mo, Ag, W target (optional)
X-ray tube voltage
The maximum is 50kV, and the equivalent rate of X-ray radiation measurement is less than 0.2μSv/h
X ray tube power
Maximum 50W, adjustable 0-50W
Hyperboloid curved crystal
The detector
Stage 2 Peltier refrigeration SDD detector
5.7-inch, industrial grade color touch screen
Scope of element
The battery
Equipped with lithium battery, can continuously test the number of samples ≥50, the laboratory environment can also be used through the adapter power supply.
Working temperature
Working humidity
Data output
USB, Bluetooth, GPS, 4G communication
Measuring time
The optimal 125 ev
Analytical Systems Language
English and other languages
Analysis system language
Dedicated Analytics level Android embedded operating system
Based on the I. MX 6 Quad quad-core Cortex-A9 processor
80MHz ADC digital pulse processor
4096 MCA channel, 32 GB memory
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